In case you haven’t heard, I made the decision to rush a sorority at West Chester and was invited to join this past weekend.  Vicki and Stephie are now legacy’s and there is a sorority woman in the family.

For those of you with jaws on the floor, yes I did actually talk enough to make them like me.  No I will not do that again because I’m now sick because of all of the talking.

As part of the ritual, I went through all four day of rush (five including bid day) and thanks to my fabulous recruitment counselor who I sent every outfit to and who assured me that the chances of not getting a bid were so small many times, I made it to the end.

However, throughout the process, I answered many questions from none other than Jenny G.  There were multiple phone calls and FaceTime calls and text messages before during and after rush week, and they’re still coming.  Of course there were the texts that said good luck, congratulations, more filled with excitement and encouragement, but here are a few gems that were added to the mix.  Here are a few:

  1. Do I get a sweatshirt?

I’m sure there’s a tshirt in your future.

  1. Do they have a “hey, my mom was not in a sorority but she wants to come to a candle ceremony” ceremony?


  1. Can I follow all of your sisters on Instagram?


  1. How expensive is it?

Not sure yet.

  1. Who is the chick in the picture with you?

Who says chick anymore?  And meet my rosebud.

  1. Do you have a house?

Yes, it’s a very nice house.

  1. Why can’t you drink yet?

Because nationals says we can’t drink from 24 hours prior to recruitment starting until 24 hours after bid day.

Jen follow up: #lame

  1. Were the invites bids?


  1. Do you have a sorority girl outfit?

You always say I have too many clothes, I’m fully prepared.

  1. *sends picture of dog* Come home Allie, we can make our own sorority.

Newest members of Ruff Sigma Pup.

Everyone else simply said “congrats”, or “so excited for you”.  Another fabulous conversation I had with Vicki went like this:

Allie: “Hey buddy, you ready for frat parties?”


Allie: “Oui.”


Allie: “Lace em up.”