11 Things You Realize at the End of the Semester

(Jenny G. & Dad: skip the intro.)

It’s that time of the year where the stressed out blog posts are easier to write than the ten page paper due next week.  I’m cursing my beginning- of- the- semester- self for allowing me to be too confident in myself about my abilities to make it out of the school year alive.  For the fourth time in a row I have let myself down.  

Nonetheless, as my stress level remains consistent from semester to semester, so do these thoughts:

1. Taking that 6th class was a very bad idea

2. Motivation tapped out after week 7

3. There is no way everything in your dorm will actually fit back in the car

4. That guy has about 6 ½ more days of living next door

5. The only thing appetizing is Mac & Cheese and Starbucks

6. Probably should’ve started that project when the professor said to

7. I remember more about the Netflix series I watched in the beginning of the fall semester than you do about what you learned in class throughout the entire current semester

8. That guy really only has 6 ½ days left of living next door

9. Pray your parents throw some money in your bank account for making it through the semester

10. You have to find a very creative way to divert your parents away from starting conversations about your grades

11. Every semester is the actual semester from hell

Literally just praying I don’t fail any classes to that I can take a little in the fall…