19 Things My Parents Were Right About During My 19 Years of Life

Congrats mom and dad, your nineteenth anniversary as parents, God bless you.  And God bless me, as well, for making it this far.  And god bless you, again, for letting me live this long.  Nineteen years of living in a household lacking religious structure and the first three sentences are thanking the big man upstairs for putting me on this earth and blessing your lives.

Being as it’s my nineteenth year of existence, and technically I now have one year of adulthood under my belt, many of you would say I’ve got this whole “growing up thing” under control, think again!  I am no better at “adulting” than I was yesterday at 18.  Remember, it’s a way of life, not a number…  However, two very special people, who made me the person I am today, taught me a number of things over the years to hopefully make me achieve adulthood at some point:

  1. You need the jacket. Because nothing is worse than not being at home, standing in 30- degree weather, looking fabulous in just a long sleeved shirt, in the dark, with your mother tapping her toe staring at you saying, “I’m so glad I brought a jacket.”  You look away, dodging those eyes that are piercing into your soul as you convince yourself it’s not actually below freezing.
  1. You need sunscreen. Because skin cancer is a very real thing.  It’s obviously not cool to do in front of your friends, so just do it at home.  Better to be pale than resembling a tomato.
  1. Don’t sit at home. Go experience the world and surround yourself with the right people to adventure with.  You’ll see more outside than you ever could through a screen… Unless you’re on google.
  1. Don’t sleep in. Unfortunately, I’m still learning this one and making no progress now that there’s no little sisters to pull the covers off of me or puppy to climb on my bed.  The moto at home is “If you have time to sleep, you have time to clean.”  At college it’s “Sleep until it’s time to go out again.”
  1. They actually do love you. When they tell you that you can’t go out with your friends, say no to a trip, yell like no other, or take your phone, it’s all out of love.  You might just win your case with DYFS, but they do it all because they care.
  1. You are going to be wrong. This is okay.  There will be times when you make the wrong decision, fail a test, or be convinced that it’s your shirt and not your sisters.  However, you are always wrong when arguing with them.  If they tell you that it’s your fault the dishes aren’t done, they’re yelling will over power your little sister laughing in the corner because she just got away with not doing them.
  1. Don’t spend all of your money. Another lesson that is still in the process of being molded into my mind.  Sometimes, a pair of shoes or five dresses just makes the whole day better.
  1. Little things create bigger ones. Your GPA, grades, essay and sports create the possibility of college.  Time, sun, beach, sunscreen and family make a great vacation.  Mom, Dad, sister 1, and sister 2, create a headache and a half.
  1. They are the cool parents. In the early “tween” and teen years, they’re the most embarrassing part of your life, hands down.  But, junior and senior year they become your movie and dinner dates and your friends think they’re cooler than theirs.
  1. You’ll miss your sisters. The ones you fight with, argue about movies with, steal from and lightly tap are actually the most important people in your life.
  1. You’re better than you think you are. You are your own worst critic.  If you think you’re not good at something, you won’t be.  You have to learn to support and believe in yourself.
  1. You do actually love them. Except when they yell, take your phone, yell some more, when you lose your phone again, and make you feel slightly bad about yourself.  But don’t worry, every other time there is so much love going their way.
  1. They don’t want you to see you fail. They’ll make you do things on your own, leave you to finish projects or make sure you know they’re on the sidelines but they’re teaching you to do things for yourself.
  1. Everything they do is out of love. Even when they ruin your life with no screens or pile all chores possible on your back.  They are making you a better person.
  1. Their threats about kicking you out of the house are a little bit of BS. Luckily, everyone knows my sisters and I are the infamous “3 Wengler Sisters.”  So, if one disappears, people will notice.  But, they could never imagine their child not in their life.
  1. It’s okay to cry. Sometimes it’s the best way to let something go or to realize something is real.  But, if they’re crying, you go the other way as fast as you can, wait two hours, then apologize.
  1. They have no idea what they’re doing. Parenting isn’t easy, especially with three so they kind of make it up as they go along.  Apparently, the stork doesn’t deliver a manual when they drop you on the doorstep.  So, just go with it.
  1. They talk to each other. They might be divorced but nothing gets by them- the power team of parents.  It’s also slightly frightening when Mom knows you got a surprise for Dad and the first thing out of her mouth when she sees you is, “So what’d you get me?
  1. They are your biggest supporters. They’ll show up to every swim meet, be the first ones to congratulate you on a test, be more excited for you when you get into college (Probably because you’re leaving), and cry as you walk across the graduation stage.  They are the most important people in your life and no one could replace them.