I’m not good at many things that I can confidently say I’m good at.  For instance, I’m good at binge watching Netflix series in time for them to start up on live TV again, I can sleep a full twelve hours under certain conditions, and I can easily get through eight servings of guacamole in one sitting (basically eight servings of vegetables, right?).  However, none of those are resume builders or things I should scream to the world.

Another thing that I can add to that list is that I’m  very good at making mistakes.  I find that weird to say because basically I’m saying that I’m always doing something the right way to get a very wrong (bad) outcome.  But, thankfully I don’t publicize these to people on a daily basis- today you’re just lucky.  And here they are:

  1. Get Starbucks before my class (then continue to drink it throughout class)

Doesn’t seem like a big deal without this little piece of information… Imagine not being able to concentrate on the [ir]relevant information coming out of the professor’s mouth because I’m too busy focusing on telling God I’ll go home and study if he makes sure I don’t pee my pants in the middle of class.

  1. Getting out of bed exactly 18 minutes before the shuttle comes.

I advise you not to ask me about the shuttle because I will rant, but one of my issues with it is that if there’s no one at the stop, the driver goes right past.  So, my alarm goes off at 6:45, 6:50, 7:00, 7:10, 7:20, 7:30, 7:45 and 7:55.  When do I get up?  7:55, for a nine o’clock class that requires me to rely on the shuttle system to get to.  Yes, I brush my teeth and hair, put on makeup so that my eyes look open and eat anywhere from 0- 2 eggo waffles.  But, you will never see me in anything but leggings and sweatshirts during the day- anything else (except sweatpants, obviously) takes too much effort to put together in 18 minutes.

  1. Doing work twelve hours before it’s due.

I wish it wasn’t true but my work gets done 500 times faster than if I do it the night before.  Maybe it’s because night is a legit appropriate time to sleep or if I simply don’t want to.  But, I get done more within the hour between my bio and linguistics class than I do three hours the night before.

  1. Using my planner.

Now, you might say, “OMG, Allie never uses a planner, this is fantastic.”  Well, Allie’s way of using a planner is writing everything down and then not having a way to remind herself to check the planner.  I’m working on it and this will probably be the first mistake, on this list, that I fix.  Best part, is that it’s a Christian planner.  What does this mean?  There are specific bible readings listed throughout the book that I’m supposed to read every week.  But it really just reminds me that the big man upstairs is shaking his head as I’m running out the door for my meeting.

5.  Writing blog posts during class.

I promise you, not even the teacher knows what he’s saying right now.