VSCO- It’s one of the newer forms of social media that seems to be a cross between Instagram and our very own Photo Gallery.  It took a while for me to really understand it after being an avid Insta user for years.  The app also exists as a website, giving every user their own URL.  With this URL, many people put this in their Instagram “website” page as part of their bio.  After clicking on a few of them I noticed that this app is more creative.  There are more ways to edit the pictures when it comes to picking a filter, but also the lighting and movement from the picture- meaning you can angle the already taken picture a certain way for one of the sides of the picture to appear closer.  However, rather than the infinite ways to edit our pics, there are so many differences between this app and others that give me 5 reasons to love it.

  1. You can’t “like” a picture

Whether it’s your newest insta, your Facebook profile, or a Tweet, these postings are all fueled by the number of likes, comments, shares and retweets they get.  It’s easy to compare yourself to the amount of people who respond to your picture compared to someone else’s when it seems like you both have the same group of followers.  All of your sorority sisters or club team members follow you both but why does she/ he get 39 likes in 8 minutes and you get 9?  On VSCO, there’s no competition.  You can’t like OR comment which means that if you want to know if someone liked your picture, you have to walk up to them and ask.  Let’s face it, no one’s going to do that.  I’m pretty sure you can “retweet” (I’m not sure what the equivalent of that on VSCO is so bare with me) but even so, it doesn’t happen often enough for you to decide you’re popular on VSCO.

  1. There’s no way to know how many followers other people have

You are the only person who knows if you have 15 followers, or 3,000.  There aren’t any numbers in the right hand corner telling you how many people you’re following and how many people are following you.  So technically you can only assume that Kim Kardashian has more followers than I do- who really knows? 😉

  1. It’s all about the picture

Without the need of other people telling you they like your picture, the picture gets all of your attention.  It’s no secret that unless you’re “insta famous” there’s no way a picture of your waffle breakfast will get more likes than a picture of you and your friends before heading into a frat basement from the night before.  You can make the strawberries redder, the plate whiter, set up a fancy placemat and make sure it all blends together giving you the ultimate “food fotoshoot”.

  1. You can post multiple pictures at once

Posting 2 pictures on Instagram within the same week is definitely frowned upon, let alone the same hour or ten- minute timespan.  If you do, your caption for the second obviously has to say that you know you posted two so close together or include the hashtag #twopostsoneday or #risky.  And that definitely doesn’t stop your friends with commenting about how risky it really was or pointing it out with different comments.  On VSCO, two selfies with different faces are posted two seconds apart.  Five pictures from the night before, same friends, different poses, different filters are posted at once in a line.  And *gasp* nobody cares.

  1. There’s no perfect time to post

Last summer, right after the end of the semester, my boyfriend went on a trip to Australia for a Maymester class.  The time difference between Australia and the US (where all of my boyfriend’s fellow travelers friends obviously were) is 16 hours.  This being said, that due to the perfect time to post an insta is 7pm, the people on the trip had to post whatever picture they wanted to post at 11am Australia time in order to get the most amount of likes.  Let’s just say, when I heard that I laughed… A lot.  However, posting on VSCO can be done at 3am or 2pm or 5pm because each one gets the same reaction- NOTHING.

So take all of those selfies on your phone and hell, post them all.  Or a picture of your closet, your work space, your feet, your walls, your shoe collection, your waffles, the time when you figured out how to do a French braid, or other peoples pictures with quotes you typed over them.  Consider VSCO your pictures publicized “safe space”.