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Throughout my website, you will find blog posts of many things that make me, me!

All of these posts are original pieces and I am in no way trying to persuade any of my readers to think the way I do.  I am very opinionated, as you will see.

I’m a 20- year- old college student at West Chester University (previously High Point University), studying English and Political Science with the hopes of making a career out of my writing as a journalist.  

If you’re wondering why I write, make your way to the “My Story” page.  If you’re looking for my blog posts, check  under “Home”.  And if you have any suggestions, or comments about my blog posts, for me pertaining to absolutely anything, my email is in the “Contact Me” page (or leave a comment on the posts).  I have also linked my social media accounts (in white) at the top left corner of the website and on the blog pages, so let’s connect!  

I am also a writer for Her Campus, an online national magazine that holds all of the thoughts of women in college.  In addition, I’m a creator for the Odyssey.  For each, just search my name and you’ll find more of my articles!

If you have read my pieces before, welcome back!  And to new visitors and readers, enjoy!

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