About Me

Welcome to allisonwengler.com!

Six years ago this idea of a website stemed from my freshman year involvement in Her Campus as the senior editor.  I loved writing for the platform and being apart of the team but wanted a space to upload my own portfolio with my work.

I spent my time in college intertwining the studies of the great American authors in my English classes with the study of interaction between people and audiences in communications classes.  I was lucky enough to find crossover classes as well- English seminars that looked at how visual rhetoric in comics could be woven in with social media, and communications classes that studied books about the development of the internet.  I graduated in May of 2019 with my bachelor’s degree in English paired with a minor in communication studies and immediately moved from Pennsylvania to Florida to start my professional career.

During my first 7 months in the adult world I was working in Disney World.  I spent 5 days per week working shifts at all times of the day and when you couldn’t find me handing people ice cream in Hollywood Studios or selling Pandora braceletts in Disney Springs, I’d be running around the parks.

Everything was fun and magical until I found myself in my new apartment in the middle of a pandemic without a job.

At 23 years- old and straight out of the Disney College Program during a time when it seemed like the country was on a hiring freeze, I again found myself as an intern… This time I focused on my career goal of marketing but I took a risk and accepted the offer to be an unpaid intern.

With no compinsation in sight I launched myself into this role and reignited a passion for marketing.  For two months, as the intern, I dove into a new industry with a team of people I’ve come to adore working with (full time now!!!!) in a location that doesn’t require me to shovel snow anymore (the real win).

Though I moved down to Florida with the goal to work for Disney, I’ve been straying from it in more ways that just a job.  Sometimes I feel as though I live in the middle of magic kingdom but my new favorite activities are rarely even in Orlando anymore.  Turns out there’s more to this state than a mouse…

Right now I’m looking to dive into freelance.  Yes, I still have my full time job but I want my own brand to grow as well.

I hope you read this blog and know that there is someone else out there with a crazy life as well.  Things change, the cheese moves, and we have to pivot.  The blog is back up and running, full speed ahead, and I hope you’re excited to see what happens here now.