Hell’s Kitchen: Allie Edition

Instead of the traditional dorm room that is the size of a closet with two twin sized beds and leaves me with no other option than a fridge the size of a storage box, I chose to live in an apartment for my sophomore year at WCU.  In this apartment, there are four bed rooms (three occupied because one decided not to show up), a living room for no purpose to me other than where to do homework because I decided to have many decorations on my desk in my room, and a kitchen.  This apartment is not on the main campus.  We’re on South Campus, a mile from North Campus, a horrific shuttle ride from North Campus.  Now, on South Campus, there is nowhere to get food.  There is a P.O.D. which has some sushi, milk shakes, Chinese food burned to the bottom of its container and basic needs that you could get from your [in]convenient store at home, but no meals.  Therefore, all of my meals are cooked in the kitchen.

However, my meals are questioned about just how healthy they are by friends and parents.  My favorite lunch, dinner and snack is a “baked” potato which is “baked” for eight minutes in the microwave sprinkled with cheese.  Cereal is a snack at around four o’clock, half a box of pasta is made for dinner (which I then save the rest of because that’s obviously too much and after five/ ten minutes of finishing the first round, I then eat) and whether it’s one or twelve servings, guacamole lives in the fridge for maybe two days.

I eat my grapes and salads but they don’t last very long.  But, not because I eat them.  I’m so worried about running out of food and not being able to go food shopping that I try to save things so naturally I don’t let myself use certain things too much.  But they’re pretty important.  Such as milk, eggs, lettuce, cheese etc.  Then, all of these things go bad or get some mold wrapped in there and well, I realize that I could’ve enjoyed more than one hardboiled egg.  You live and you learn.

My most extravagant meal that I made was penne with vodka sauce sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.  I couldn’t bake it because I’m lacking a pan for that but I was pretty proud of myself.  For some, this is what they make when someone doesn’t feel like grilling chicken or making a full plate of mixed vegetables, but it’s heaven for me.

A few weeks ago when Jenny G. came for lunch and to take me food shopping she also took food back home.  One item was black beans.  Apparently the ones that come in a can aren’t healthy so she bought me the bagged ones.  However, they take two hours to make.  Now compare this to the three and a half minutes it takes to make easy mac.  Who wins?

I will not be on any famous cooking shows any time soon and if I ever cook something elaborate it will be my very own Hell’s Kitchen.