Beanies against Cancer

For years and years I’ve volunteered at and attended events that were created to raise money for cancer research.  I’ve participated in walks/ runs and watched as my sisters, along side my dad, shaved their heads raising thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research with the St. Baldricks non- profit.  I’ve gotten three haircuts in the last five years cutting off 10- 12 inches at a time to donate.  All of this lead up to summer of 2017 when I lost my dad to Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer which gave him a 5-7% chance of living a year to which he lived 2 and a half months after his diagnosis last April.

Therefore, you could say that the issue of cancer hits close to home.  There are many ways big and small to help with raising money to find a cure for such an awful sickness.  A small way?  Buy a hat… a beanie to be more specific.

LoveYourMelon stuck out to me in a few ways:  

1. Their mission is to put a beanie on every child’s, who’s battling cancer, head
2. The material of the knit hat has been perfected to not irritate a bald head
3. You can request a hat for a child you know who has cancer and one will be delivered to them
4. Cancer sucks

I’ve been looking at the LoveYourMelon website so much within the last few months that I am embarrassed to say it has popped up under my 12 most visited sites.  I started really following the cause after Black Friday when they reached their goal of raising 1,000,000,000 to donate to their non- profit partners such as St. Baldricks and Make a Wish.  

I’ve looked for the exact hat I want only to see it go out of stock in a matter of minutes.  I was particularly interested in the pom beanies.  Others are also cuffed and regular beanies.  But I wanted the pom pom hanging off the back of mine.  

Something that held me back from purchasing it before Christmas/ I went back to school was the price.  $45 dollars for a hat.  Amazon has them for as low as $6.  So I waited until I got everyone their Christmas presents and until I was at school where my mom wouldn’t be aware of when I got packages and couldn’t give me a lecture about spending so much for a hat.  But there’s an aspect of LoveYourMelon that justifies it.  

You’re actually paying $22.50 for your hat.  50% of the money you spend goes to donations for their non- profits.  So it’s $22.50 for the hat and a $22.50 donation- it’s not optional but you’re still making a donation.  

I’ve never been too into wearing hats and I’ve gotten eyes rolled at me because I’ve claimed to be so much warmer while wearing my hat.  Keep the 30% of the warmth that escapes from your head in!  

Being warm is #cool.  

I’ve come to love it.  


This isn’t a John Wengler quote but it’s a story.  About a year ago I was at home with my sisters, Dad and Lisa.  Dad and Lisa were on their way out and Dad looked for a hat in his closet.  He pulled out a hat that looked like a man from France, a cuffed hat that really didn’t work and a black straight beanie that made him look like a hoodlum.  Each one we laughed at, vetoed, and took pictures of against his wishes.