I don’t know about the rest of you but the idea of organizing songs on Spotify into different playlists is next to impossible.  I just don’t understand how people have playlists of 135 “relaxing” songs.  However, I do appreciate the people who make them when I’m studying.  I also would find it extremely difficult to find different songs for different categories and end up having songs in multiple playlists based on how I’m grouping them.

 So, I made it easy.

1 playlist – 60 songs – 3 hours and 36 minutes of said magical songs

If you’d rather not read my “disclaimer” before and would rather experience my playlist blindly, I’ll just say expect variety (and my Spotify username is at the very bottom of this).

Want specifics?  Continue reading.

1. Party in the USA is like a decent song.

2. However, I searched Miley Cyrus to find that song and so best of both worlds was listed and well,

          < +add >  was clicked.

3. Then you know, I obviously saw Hoedown Throwdown and challenged myself to remember all of the moves… I did… and

so… < +add > .

4. You search for Miley you get the Jonas Brothers. ‘nuf said.

5. EVERYBOOOODYY YEAH YEAH. They’re on there too.  ROCK YOUR BOOOOOODYY.  Including their Christmas song.

6. I got into Spotify around Christmas so there is Mariah Carrey, and also Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo by the Trans- Siberian Orchestra.

7. Then your classics like Sweet Caroline and Broccoli

8. The weird but cool version of Toxic from America’s Got Talent


10. The song called I Love College is also included because well a West Chester student wrote it- fun fact if you didn’t know.

11. BEL

12. She Sets the City On Fire and Dangerous Woman made their way on there for some female encouragement.

13. FORT

14. My favorite is the 56th song.



Spotify username: allierose97