Become a Micro- Celebrity or Follow the Rules?

The book Status Update, by Alice E. Marwick, introduces the readers to the book by defining Web 2.0.  Unlike Web 1.0, it includes interaction, collaboration, active participation, and user generated content.  The users of social media platforms, such as blogs, social networks, and photo sharing sites, create the interactive dialogue.  In a communication class that […]

One year later…

A year ago today I woke up thinking I’d spend my day as I did the day before.  The place that’s flooded with flowers, tissues, hardwood floors in patient’s rooms, very good muffins, and a sadness to it that I’m sure never leaves.  I had never thought that hospice would be a place that I’d […]

Beanies against Cancer

For years and years I’ve volunteered at and attended events that were created to raise money for cancer research.  I’ve participated in walks/ runs and watched as my sisters, along side my dad, shaved their heads raising thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research with the St. Baldricks non- profit.  I’ve gotten three haircuts in […]