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The Day Before…

Due to this weekend’s activities, I’ll actually start this four and a half years ago on Christmas morning when my parents looked at me and said “your present hasn’t come yet” only to find that dad drove over a “brand new” 2003 Nissan Sentra in his matching Christmas pajamas. Of course, I had to drive […]

One year later…

A year ago today I woke up thinking I’d spend my day as I did the day before.  The place that’s flooded with flowers, tissues, hardwood floors in patient’s rooms, very good muffins, and a sadness to it that I’m sure never leaves.  I had never thought that hospice would be a place that I’d […]


Why post a New Year’s Post on January 2nd?  Aside from me making the rules here, it’s now been 6 months- to the day- since July 2nd.  I made it through six months that I wasn’t expecting to at the beginning of last year proving that a year can take you by surprise.  Lots of […]

Make Him Proud

If you’ve made your way to my website, there’s a very good chance you’ve met or heard of Jenny G, Jenny Lynn, the face of Your Social Media Hour, the sponsor of this website, the wonderful and powerful and beautiful woman I am now stuck with and the person I call Jen… I mean Mom. […]

Happy 51st

This post has been in the making for weeks now.  It’s officially the start of the holiday season, a season that my mom was told would be the hardest.  The holiday to kick it off isn’t one celebrated around the world or even just in this country.  It’s to celebrate the day that one of […]

My First Square

Last night, after my last shift at Rita’s, I realized that the only reason I wanted to go back to school was for a little extra quiet time and not hearing “Oh look at that, you’re on your phone” every single time I go near my phone.  Other than that, I think I could’ve stuck […]

My Dad’s Cooler…

And yes… I just admitted that.   It’s his 20th year celebrating, and unfortunately his daughter has no more than $20.  How can you be content giving someone who deserves the world, a blog post and the himalayan salt lamp he’s been asking for since his birthday back in October?  I’ll let you know, it’s […]