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Allie In Wonderland

I have finally done it. After four years wishing it was over, I am two months out from graduation. More importantly, however, I am five months away from moving to the most magical place on earth, practically even bunking with Cinderella herself. I am working for Disney World. Perhaps the most exciting part is that […]

NYC Fever

Despite the expensive rent, mobs of people, rare silence and utter chaos, I want to move to New York City. Each year on Thanksgiving my mom, sisters, and I sit in front of the television and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while silently kicking ourselves for not going yet again. Years ago, from ages […]

Ready to Work?

A college senior?  Over college?  Why isn’t she failing her classes to stay?  Switching her major to force her to stay for longer?  Could she really want to be kicked off the payroll?  Live by herself?  Become immersed with the horror of the adult world and work? Well… Yes please. I’ve never been particularly excited […]

Cheaper Than Therapy

It seems as though people take pride in saying they’re exhausted or tired of something or have absolutely no motivation.  It could be true, it could be a joke, or it could be an excuse to be lazy.  Whatever it is though, finding a way to cope with it can be difficult. A popular line […]