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I have finally done it. I replaced the picture with 228 likes, 62 comments, and the face of my favorite person after a year and a half. Facebook was so worried about me changing my profile picture that I got a number of notifications telling me to. But I could never do it. What picture […]

NYC Fever

Despite the expensive rent, mobs of people, rare silence and utter chaos, I want to move to New York City. Each year on Thanksgiving my mom, sisters, and I sit in front of the television and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while silently kicking ourselves for not going yet again. Years ago, from ages […]

Ready to Work?

A college senior?  Over college?  Why isn’t she failing her classes to stay?  Switching her major to force her to stay for longer?  Could she really want to be kicked off the payroll?  Live by herself?  Become immersed with the horror of the adult world and work? Well… Yes please. I’ve never been particularly excited […]

Become a Micro- Celebrity or Follow the Rules?

The book Status Update, by Alice E. Marwick, introduces the readers to the book by defining Web 2.0.  Unlike Web 1.0, it includes interaction, collaboration, active participation, and user generated content.  The users of social media platforms, such as blogs, social networks, and photo sharing sites, create the interactive dialogue.  In a communication class that […]

Beanies against Cancer

For years and years I’ve volunteered at and attended events that were created to raise money for cancer research.  I’ve participated in walks/ runs and watched as my sisters, along side my dad, shaved their heads raising thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research with the St. Baldricks non- profit.  I’ve gotten three haircuts in […]

Perks of Your Journal

I had constantly thought about starting to journal but the simplicity that comes from typing on a keyboard was extremely hard to overlook.  However, after a failed attempt, and conversations with two very convincing people, I gave it a try, and I’m obsessed.   I started out buying two journals.  One was a recommended brand […]

You have no limit

The only times I recommend following a limit is when your professor says that they’re not reading anything in your paper beyond the 750th word and when you could be sent to your sorority standards board for posting a picture of alcohol on your Instagram while you’re under 21.  Then you should probably stop.  Otherwise, […]