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NJ to PA

It’s safe to say that if you’re not a New Jerseyan, there’s nothing quite too appealing about the state.  There’s the overcrowded beaches made famous by Snooki and JWow, the capital is on the top most dangerous city lists, and well, it’s the home of Chris Christy.  During one of my freshman history classes, the […]

Life In A Busy World

This assignment was given to me in my first college english class. I was instructed to use no punctuation; therefore you’ll find it to be a one page long sentence. I have no altered this since it was assigned in September so it is the first and final draft. Life in a busy world: The […]

The Years I Watched

I grew up in a family of military men, so when I turned eighteen there was no question of what I was going to do.  I enrolled in college and then the military.  It was simple.  I never had to make too many decisions but it also made me feel powerless.  Some people get a […]