I have finally done it. I replaced the picture with 228 likes, 62 comments, and the face of my favorite person after a year and a half. Facebook was so worried about me changing my profile picture that I got a number of notifications telling me to. But I could never do it. What picture would actually be good enough to replace my dad?

Some people change their profile picture monthly, or even every few weeks. I don’t even take enough pictures to feel like I have a good enough pool to choose from. This would be the picture that employers see when searching my profile and I didn’t want them to have to guess who I was in the picture or have their first image of me include my boyfriend.

On July 2nd, 2017 I used my Facebook profile picture to announce to my friends and my dad’s friends about his passing. Maybe I should have made it a normal post but I decided to make it more permanent than a picture that could get lost in the rest of my feed. And so I was constantly thinking, “What picture could ever be good enough to replace him?”

I was preparing to have the picture up until the end of my time. I’d be 80 years old with the profile picture of my dad and I posing on my 21st birthday. The ultimate catfish. His grandkids would be born by then and he’d still be showcased on my profile over them.

I knew no one would care when I did finally change it but it took until February 2019 to finally find a new one. And I had to go all the way to Florida to get it. Nevertheless, find me in front of Cinderella’s castle for the next year and a half. Or until I get a better one when I’m living in Disney for four months!