It seems as though people take pride in saying they’re exhausted or tired of something or have absolutely no motivation.  It could be true, it could be a joke, or it could be an excuse to be lazy.  Whatever it is though, finding a way to cope with it can be difficult.

A popular line to joke with is “Wow, I need therapy.”  Now this could be because they overanalyzed something with their friend, are so stressed out because of homework or there really seems like there’s no way out.  However, when the need for something like therapy is said, like I said, many times it’s when people are hanging out with friends and everyone’s stressed about something and so joking about it makes everyone feel more comfortable with their life “falling apart”.

If you happen to feel as though therapy really is the best idea for you, absolutely do it.  Find someone to help you work though whatever it is and take action of your stress or difficult time.  Some people swear that it changed them.  It can be embarrassing but you’d be surprised with how many people take advantage of someone able to listen and analyze their situations with- therapists have therapists.

However, if this need for a therapist is seasonal- meaning when you go home for a break from school or during finals time- there are other ways to relax yourself.  College is fun but can be very stressful trying to balance a life away from home.  So, here are a list of things I think are cheaper than therapy-

  • Books

The trick is to find something that interests you and something that you know you’re going to like.  Usually it should be an easy read that you can fly through but get attached to.  No one cares if you’re a love story kind of girl who owns every Nicholas Sparks book Barnes and Noble carries (me) or if you secretly want to be the next Nancy Drew.  Find your guilty pleasure and let it introduce you to a story of people you don’t know.  When you finish, you might even realize the people in your book had worse problems than you.  Reading can be an escape and every once in a while finding an escape is healthy.

  • Bath/ shower

Hot water is magic water, especially when there’s no one to tell you you’re using all of the water.  So, when you’re home alone, rather than watch your Netflix shows in the living room- rather than on your laptop in your room- take a while to enjoy a bath bomb and submerge in the water.  It’s relaxing and if you bring in your book or magazine and a good drink (many prefer wine or tea) you can relax for hours.

  • Gym

You don’t necessarily have to drag yourself there everyday but something like a walk or run or a swim can do the trick.  During high school swim practice, I’d get so into the set that I would forget everything that was happening outside of the pool- it literally drowned my thoughts out.  Running in the park without any noise or people in the winter is a great way to do it or just embracing your sweatiness at the gym can make you feel productive, confident and can give you the encouragement you need to do something.  When I do something I categorize as productive I feel like I actually can get an A.  Do I?  More often that not I don’t.  But it’s fun to think I can.

  • Writing

It’s sort of like talking to a person.  You can get all of your thoughts out and sometimes seeing it all on paper can help you realize that maybe it’s not such a big deal or can help to break the problem down and fix it in sections.  It takes longer than saying it out loud but straightening out your thoughts can help to get past them.

  • Shopping

Personally, spending money adds to my stress because I have none but treating yourself every once in a while can really up a confidence level.  Having new clothes to wear and show off to your classmates and family when you return makes you feel like you just took it off the runway.

  • Sleeping

Those dreams that characters happen in movies where they wake up screaming because they just had their worst nightmare shown to them don’t actually happen.  Usually my nightmares include me running or hiding and at some point I can fly so no, I’ve never seen my teacher put an F in front of me or watched myself fall down the stairs of a frat basement while unconscious.  Sleeping rests your brain and doesn’t allow you to think.  Sleeping at night or a nap during the day is just a way to escape your thoughts.  And can usually be very needed.