Creative Services

I absolutely love all things marketing. Every creative step that goes into a company’s presence is specifically constructed to work for that industry only. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how someone wants to be portrayed by their desired audience and I love the individuality of each project. I’m based in Orlando but would love to form partnerships with people everywhere. If I can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to reach out to make sure that your brand creates a spark in your industry.


INSTAGRAM: @Allie.Wengler

Brand Yourself

Logos, names, colors, appearance… We can create your brand from the ground up. For people just breaking into their industry or those wanting to revamp their image. Let’s create an image that draws people in and makes them want to stay.

First Impression

Let’s get you on Google! When people find the links to your website you want them to be greeted by your expertise right off the bat. Show them what kind of partner you’ll be from the moment they click.

The Free Stuff

Until you get into ads, social media is totally free. Maximize the ways people can find your business and let’s create a plan to make sure your brand can be found everywhere!

Past Projects:


I recently created a brand new website using Squarespace to launch a new store in Maitland, FL. I was tasked to do everything from design to SEO. The website currently shows products in-store, inspiration boards, the company story, and an amazing gallery.

Another huge website project was for the one you’re reading now! I bought my URL,, 6 years ago, and have spent all these years updating it with content and redesigning it. I am constantly looking for updated looks and can never stay with one theme for too long. I have customized it with a ton of different layouts and styles and well, I hope you like the current one!

Social Media:

One of the coolest things about branding is differentiating one company from the next. The personalization options are endless and I love creating customized plans.

I currently run 4 accounts, two for my day job, my personal, and my business’. Each needs such different approaches and my favorite part is being able to work with so much unique content. Social Media showcases how your brand stands out and I have a lot of fun forming new ideas for each industry I’m tasked with.

Content Planning:

A program at the school I earned my degree in needed some help and I was so thankful to be recruited to help out. I started by researching and getting to know the image they were looking for. Next came the plan, more specifically an editorial calendar which included some social and blog posts to get them started. I divided content up by season based on the audience and was able to test my ideas using insights.

Public Relations Proposal:

This, yes, was for a class. However, I worked with real-life clients and their team to create a customized proposal to drive a larger audience to their business. I was in contact with the CEO, VP, customer service rep, and marketing coordinator and was able to propose events, and social content to capture the attention of new desired audiences.