Cyber Monday Was Made For College Students

I mean if you truly think about it, what other group of people would enjoy saving money without having to leave the house/ dorm?  Not only does Black Friday limit those who don’t have cars on campus, but more often than not the Cyber Monday deals are better than the in store Black Friday ones.  It’s just a fact.

Now, obviously it does not hold true for everything.  You will not buy your favorite 21- year- old a brand new VW Jetta from your computer.  And sometimes big stores hand you books of coupons and savings deals when you enter.  But something about Cyber Monday makes you feel a little warmer… and not just because you don’t have to face out into the cold.

My items every year are for myself.  Selfish, I know.  But it doesn’t happen all year long.  Though we joke about “Christmas in July” it doesn’t mean that we’re having yet another thanksgiving in June leading us to another Black Friday!  So yes, I shop for myself each year to spice up my wardrobe.

Now, personally, I haven’t paid full price for an article of clothing in a long time.  I will only shop when I get an email about a sale and if I really feel the need for the retail therapy I head straight for the clearance section of the store/ website.  I’m sorry to say that I just don’t have a stable enough bank account that will stay upright to process the purchase of a $50 sweater no matter how pretty it is.

Luckily, because it’s cold (and by cold I mean freezing) outside, sweaters are flooding retail this time of year which means all of those expensive sweater prices were just cut down substantially.  I mean I walked away with a 20 dollar sweater, a $50 dollar top from LOFT for $17, and a blouse from Francesca’s for $1.  Yes that’s right, one dollar.  (the deal was that you had to buy one full price, which was actually already cut down from the original by half, and then you got one for a dollar).

However, even though it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Spend your savings Saturday, I still run for the sales rack.  All of those big prices were cut in half already and are most likely still apart of the store’s discount.  It’s like Christmas!

Someday I’ll buy things without stalking them online for a week before nervously sliding my debit card from my wallet worrying about the damage 3 pairs of leggings will do to my poor account.  I’ll buy impulsively and maybe even… full price… I know.  That’ll be the day.  But I think I’ll always look for the best deal first.  And if I can do it from my bed while wearing pajamas, well then not only did I “win the internet” but the internet won me.