My goal this year is to get more views on my blog.  I took a 6 month break where I wrote only about my Dad and I’m ready to incorporate him within different topics that will be interesting to a wider range of people.

So, one thing I’m starting is an Instagram (follow that here) specifically for my blog.  I’m finding a theme for it, uploading things that I usually don’t post on my personal account and only getting my followers from people who find my post rather than asking the almost 750 followers on my personal account to just follow my blog.  Eventually I’ll do that but only after it builds a strong following on it’s own.

I also joined Facebook groups.  I had little interest with the ones with a bunch of rules to follow…  “Make sure you comment on 3 people’s posts”, “link droppers will be kicked out”, “You can only post a blog post on Thursdays”.  Casual ones work best for me.  Posts are made to share instagram pictures, your goals and new posts and you can check out anyones or no ones.  They’re filled with people trying to strengthen their own blogs so doing it along side others who have the same questions has done a lot.

The other thing I did was go all out last Friday…  

Everything that I’d normally do in a month I did in a day.

1. I changed the theme

2. I added pictures of myself

3. I posted 4 new blog posts

4. I pinned each one of my blogs on pinterest.

5. I left it alone for 3 days.

Monday night I went to check the views and my highest number of views ever in a day was doubled.  I have to think of ways to improve those so that I reach that number everyday but it was a little win for my blog.


P.S. I’m posting this a week after I wrote it and just found that that number doubled yet again!  Pinterest might just do the trick.

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