The Golden Globes was a favorite to watch this past Sunday night.  This is the one where the celebrities aren’t just awarded with globes attached to a block, but are also given the option to consume alcoholic beverages- maybe that’s why every single one started walking the same way after receiving their award before being corrected by an escort.

And this year the fashion was more intense, newbies and Olympians were walking the red carpet, and the movies, TV shows and people named Ryan were hotter than ever.  Meryl Streep gave an unforgettable speech, but there was one more that had the crowd watching in awe…and tears (happy ones)- Steve Carell’s “Fantasia Day”.

If you missed this gem of a skit, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Basically, Steve and his dad went to see Fantasia and after watching hours of magic, his mom surprised them both in the lobby of the movie theater insisting on a divorce, resulting in the last day he saw his dad.

Now, written out, it sounds very sad and you could be thinking, “Why on earth is she writing about this awful day for Steve”.  Watching the video, you won’t stop laughing or hear the crowd stop laughing.

Is it true?  I have no idea.  I don’t know Steve that well- only that he works in an office with some interesting people.

But here’s the thing, we all have our own “Fantasia days”.

Fantasia Day: (N) A day in which a series of weirdly connected/ combined and awkwardly explained events changes your life and results in one’s life being flipped.  Usually sad, maybe not for most parties (I’m sure Mrs.- now Ms.- Carell looks back and is happy with the events of Fantasia Day).  Many times results in bad memories.  Suggested not to share with the world for it might be seen as humor.

However, your own fantasia day can result from something good.  Maybe a presence that wasn’t healthy or if you are suddenly unable to do something, it might be better for you.  It can also be used as a learning experience or something to share as a story someday.  However, if it is going to be used as a story, make sure you know you’re ready to share and for people to know because a high voice and subject change can be a tad bit obvious in your comfortability discussing.