I’m not 100% sure what apple thought they were accomplishing by creating an iphone with a front camera.  Who knew that the iphone 4, now considered a “dinosaur” by some, would begin the life of the “selfie”.  People no longer have to deal with the struggle of turning their phones around and accidentally shooting a picture of their ear or zooming too far in and having the only their eyebrow in the picture.  Today, in 2016, we don’t have lenses to make the blind see, flying skate boards, or a theory other than aliens about area 51.  No, no, we have “the selfie”.  This isn’t so much a millennial thing either.  Many kids actually complain about their mothers pulling them in for a pic.  And you better get ready for selfies every where once you show grandma how to make her camera flip.

Now, if you think I’m going to be making fun of the selfie, you’re wrong.  I have gotten my fair share of Instagram pictures and profile pictures by turning on my front camera and taking a picture myself so that I don’t have to awkwardly ask someone to take it for me.  Some how, taking a picture of yourself, by yourself, is “cooler” than having your mother set up the perfect shot for you.  Heads up, no one wants to write “photo creds: mom” in their caption- it just doesn’t happen.

So, for all of you out there taking pictures of yourself or squishing your family behind your phones, here are the five different selfies you all take.

  1. The “group selfie”

These are usually seen on snapchat to let all of your virtual friends know who you’re with and where you are.  The tallest one in the group takes it to make sure everyone can be seen.  It’s a great way to not have to bother a stranger to take your picture.

  1. The “I just put makeup on selfie”

Whenever you put on the whole Kim K. look, you’ve got to take a picture.  If you actually ask girls how much they enjoy make-up, you might not get the results you thought.  I honestly, can’t stand it.  I do think I look better with it on, but I just don’t want to deal with putting it on and taking it off.  Many feel the same way which is why we document and share it any time that we do wear it.

  1. The “best friend selfie”

This selfie doesn’t necessarily include your best friend in it.  Whereas sometimes it does, this selfie can also be known as the “I look ridiculous, I don’t care, we have to keep the streak, screen shot you die” selfie.  The chances that you don’t look insane in your pictures to your best friends are slim to nothing.  One chin, two chins, three chins, floor!

  1. The “save me selfie”

These, usually go with the “best friend selfie” but are occasionally making it to your story or twitter.  These are the ones of the tears because college is starting, the pulling your hair out because of an insane amount of work, or the ones stating that your supervisor is insane.  These ones basically scream, “I’m done with life.”

  1. The “selfie stick selfie”

The selfie has become so popular that people have stopped taping their phones to tree sticks because the actual Selfie Stick was invented.  Let’s just say, pretty soon, thanks to evolution, our dominant arms will be longer than our other (not dominant? Nondominant?) arms because we try to stretch it so much to get the perfect picture.