Spring break of our sophomore year of college and I’ve realized there’s a trend to our get togethers.  I figured a few people might be able to relate…  Thus, read on.

1. Prom talk

Believe me when I say we remember that the DJ sucked and liked the weekend at the beach more than the night in fancy heels.

2. Cringing when someone thinks it’s a good idea to go through every homecoming pic from freshman- senior year

I mean goodness gracious, why did no one on earth talk us out of those dresses!

3. New gossip about everyone from high school’s college lives

Who’s still dating, who’s still hooking up?  All we have to rely on is Instagram posts and people are making it very difficult to keep up…

4. Realizing that you didn’t really talk to anyone outside of your little group

Sitting there eating at a restaurant and feeling like you’re totally back to BDE day lunches.

5. Discussing roommate stories because even if you run to your college roommate to talk about everything, you obviously can’t talk to them about themselves

We love them but can you believe they did XYZ?!

6. Cursing yourself for not seeing the “the girls” more often

I mean they’re hilarious and beautiful and I don’t need to explain myself…

7. Agreeing that staying in with pizza and Netflix beats getting drunk at all hours of the weekend

There is no way that everyone at college can actually go out as much as their Snapchat story shows.  Where are the people that stay in too?

8. Discuss sorority crafting

I literally made one of my friends my honorary big because her crafts are the definition of perfection… But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know I’m serious… And we’re in different sororities…

9. Know that keeping the daily Snapchat streak isn’t enough when someone says they changed their major seven months ago and you just found out…


10. The same hugs everyone gives when everyone leaves to go back to school

Brb, crying.