Hillary Duff told me to “Wake Up” and Travel

The city’s restless
It’s all around me
People in motion
Sick of all the same routines
And they need to go
They need to get away

Where do I want to see myself?  It’s not in an office or a meeting or behind a computer all day long…

It’s on the hidden beaches, walking under the umbrella skies, watching the New Years fireworks in London, riding Elephants, climbing the Machu Picchu trail, having picnics with a view, jumping off cliffs into clear water (lacking sharks) and starring in awe of the overwhelming blue and white that come with the scenes of Greece.

Pinch me.

Last semester, I wrote a piece on what college kids would spend 1.5 billion dollars on (click here to read it on Her Campus) if they were to win the lottery at that time.  The top of everyone’s list?  Travel.  I can’t argue with that- and it’s not only because every place outside of this country let’s me partake in the consumption of tequila.

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas are only slightly far from magical.  They have some pretty cool trees and farms and dangerous places but even though I’ve obviously haven’t been, I think the beaches of Sydney would be preferable to the famous “Jersey Shore” any day.  Belmar just doesn’t create the same smile as the one I assume Australia would.

I’ll admit that my personal lack of funds is standing between a plane ticket and I but that definitely doesn’t keep me from making my list of places to go and people to see.

I think the coolest thing about traveling is the feeling you get when you land somewhere and it doesn’t feel real; or when you’re on the plane ride home wondering how the last week was even possible.  I’m not complaining about living in PA or NJ but such a change of scenery from the isles of GIANT to the Jamaican servers placing Pina coladas in front of me and having food only slightly different from my microwaved potato on my plate (not a paper one, I might add) is like a dream (totally not bombing on Taco Tuesdays).  Then there’s the scenery- without the cows and corn- of beaches with water giving you the ability to see your toes, animals other than squirrels and deer, and the views you get on the zip lines.

However, for now I’m sticking to my Pinterest board and my growing list.  Who knows, maybe I’ll switch to a travel blog one day.

So, within the next ten years, if I’m ever unreachable, look for me in these 8 places:







South Africa


No matter where I am or where I go, you’ll know.

Could be New York
Maybe Hollywood and Vine
London, Paris maybe Tokyo
There’s something going on anywhere I go
-Hillary Duff