The weeks in the office are gone.  No more saying good morning to your corner of people or hoping one brings in donuts.  The meetings you love no longer include you and you can actually sleep past 6am during the weekdays (should your class schedule permit it).

Back to school, back to school, to show those employers you’re not a fool.

You’ve got your Apple laptop back after using a PC all summer (so you’re obviously as confused as when you got your Mac.  How the heck do I left click?). Days of work pants and work shirts are replaced with leggings and t- shirts. And all of those smiling faces you would see at 8am are just pictures on LinkedIn now.  

To say I miss it is an understatement.  I had a routine. Arrive at 8, snack at 10, lunch at 12, leave at 4:30 and in bed by 9.  I spent my days blogging, planning a years worth of social media posts, photoshopping and attending meetings.

But, I’m back for my senior year until I can return to the white collar workforce.   Until then, I’ve got to pass a couple classes and graduate.

But during my first day back, a few things crossed my mind…

  1. 40 hour work weeks during daylight hours left me with a lousy tan.  Everyone looks like they lived at the beach but you can easily tell I only went once.
  2. I probably should’ve taken this class before the internship.  Strategic Social Media would’ve been helpful before I planned the company’s social posts for the year.
  3. Rather than the 400 steps I’d get in the office, I got 11,088 walking to class.  The bathroom was 20 steps from my cube.  Campus is a mile from my apartment.
  4. How about they hire me now and we ignore the fact that I don’t have a degree yet?  Is that an option?
  5. I was given a laptop at work but my professor wants me to buy a $26 program to let her know I’m in class so that she doesn’t have to take attendance? What?
  6. You have me writing a 10 page paper when my boss would have me building a website? This is helping no one.
  7. My 2:00 marketing meeting has been replaced with a 2:00 communications class.  Won’t they need me?
  8. I think I’m the only student in all colleges everywhere that wants to fast forward through this.  Only 214 days until graduation!

My 15 weeks as a marketing intern were better than I could have expected.  Let’s hope I get something I love as much after graduation!

As for now, I’ll be making my way through these last two semesters, counting down the days and awaiting my time to enter the official world of marketing.