Remember that post I did a while ago about my summer reading list?  Well, I read the first four and then found some others and I’ll let you know what those are at the end of the summer.  Sorry if you were looking forward to some, but if you read the other books I did, you wouldn’t need me to apologize.

Now, remember those book reports that 3rd graders have to do every month?  We’d have to make lists of characters and symbols and settings and write a whole summery.  Even worse, the whole thing had to cover an entire 8×11 piece of paper… GASP!  Well, here’s my book report on Room by Emma Donoghue.

Title: Room

Author: Emma Donoghue

Characters and Descriptions:

  1. Ma: the women who was tricked into thinking a man needed help with a puppy and was then held captive by this lying man, for 6 years.
  2. Jack: Ma’s child who was born in room and who got quite confused when Ma was explaining that there was more to the world than just the room he was trapped in. He was also thoroughly confused what kind of puppy Ma was tricked by, where it was, why it didn’t live with him and if she got to play with the puppy before he was born.
  3. Old Nick: Owner of non- existent puppy aka. the man who took Ma off the street when she was 19.
  4. Grandma and Steppa: Ma’s parents who watch Jack while Ma needs more time in the hospital. Fun fact, they don’t have a puppy.
  5. Paul, Deana and Bronwyn: Ma’s brother, sister- in- law and niece.
  6. Noreen and Dr. Clay: Help Ma and Jack readjust and adjust to the world and how it has changed since the last time Ma was outside of Room.
  7. Grandpa: Ma’s father who is not too thrilled by Jack’s existence and the way in which he was brought into the world.
  8. Dora: Someone who Jack believes is his friend because he helps her get to all of her destinations.

Describe the Setting of the Book:

The story’s setting was primarily Room, where Jack and Ma grew up and lived respectively.  Later in the story, Jack and Ma are in the Clinic where they are taken care of by doctors and meet their family who visits them.  When Ma is in trouble, she must stay in a special part of the hospital and therefore Jack lives with Grandma for a week while Ma recovers.  At the end of the book, Jack and Ma move into their own apartment.

Describe the Plot of the book:

We never learned the real name of Ma because the story was told by five- year- old Jack who was born and raised inside of room never hearing even Old Nick call Ma by her real name.  Jack is comfortable in Room and is unaware of the outside world.  Everything he sees on their television happens only in TV because Ma decided she didn’t want to tell him about the world outside if he had to wonder why everyone but him was allowed to experience it except for him.

What was the conflict in this story and how was it resolved?

Ma and Jack had to adjust to the world by realizing what had happened since Ma was taken.  Dr. Clay and Noreen helped them get on their feet by letting them stay in the clinic and letting their family know that their daughter was found.

What Life lessons can be learned from this book?

  1. Even at 19, not everyone who asks for help with a puppy is telling the truth.
  2. There’s an infinite amount of information about the world that no one realizes they know.
  3. No one should ever be over- sheltered by anyone from trying to understand the world.

What new words did you learn from this book?

  1. Old Nick- We don’t know the real name of the man who took Ma but Jack saw someone on TV called Old Nick who came only at night so he named the man after him…. Santa.
  2. Squeaks on bed: Jack would count how many squeaks Bed made when Old Nick would come. Little did he know…
  3. Bunny Ears: the antenna on TV.

Draw a scene from the story and label parts of your picture: