My Dad’s Cooler…

And yes… I just admitted that.


It’s his 20th year celebrating, and unfortunately his daughter has no more than $20.  How can you be content giving someone who deserves the world, a blog post and the himalayan salt lamp he’s been asking for since his birthday back in October?  I’ll let you know, it’s bothering me but it’s fine.  

To that person who deserves more than the world, thank you for being my world.  For showing me how to interact with the real world, to survive the good and the bad.  For being one of the first things I ever opened my eyes to and for showing me more since then than you probably realize you have.  

To the happiest guy I know, thank you for keeping me smiling when I don’t even want to.  The jokes and sarcasm have been passed down to us like an heirloom.  

To the guy with the biggest heart, thank you for showing me how to use mine.  The amount of love shown through the unconditional acceptance and the level of proudness towards Vicki, Stephie and I, has only shown us how to show the same to others.  

To the dad with 3 daughters, thank you for being sane.  We joke about your grey hair but considering it all, I’m surprised it’s not white.  Years of American Girl Dolls, princesses and matching dresses has officially turned into a growing collection of prom dresses, boyfriends, and an insane amount clothes (and fighting over them).  No one could handle three girls like you.

To the guy who wants nothing more than to live in a world revolving around Batman, thank you for watching endless episodes of The Bachelor, Say Yes to the Dress and every princess movie in existence instead.  Whereas all of those now fall under your “Nicholas Sparks Shit” category- which is completely prohibited to be watched with you within earshot- the years before hand were very appreciated, and understandably not easy. 

To the guy with such a love for family, thank you for giving me my amazing one.  

Dad, thank you for supporting me.

Dad, thank you for loving me.

Yoda best!