My first really scary movie was in fact not Finding Nemo (even though we left the theater because I cried when the sharks came on).  No no, it was the first scream.  My sister, her best friend and I sat downstairs in the living room while my youngest sister and my dad were in the sitting room upstairs watch dolphin tale listening to our screams literally whenever something scary happened.  Now looking back, it was kind of stupid because I’ve watched it many times after that in silence- definitely with a blanket up to my nose but silent.  However, that day we thought our screams were the most natural response to a man in a mask trying to kill a girl and happens to kill a large amount of people along the way.  

I have turned it on and then turned it off because I knew I wouldn’t be able to last but that’s beside the point…

Personally, I couldn’t deal with the whole “clown craze” that went on in October 2016 but it had me locking my windows, leaving the library before the sun went down and locking my bedroom door.  So you better bet that I never watched a scary movie alone.

HOWEVER, I finally did it.  It was definitely not easy and I’ll admit that I tried to watch it the night before and wimped out but then the next day I started it at 7:45 rather than 10.  Even though it was darker, I knew it wouldn’t be the last thing I see before I went to sleep which was comforting.  

I picked When a Stranger Calls.  It’s a little older but same effect.  I sat in my bed (not laying down because I could jump up easier if I was sitting with my knees to my chest rather than have them fully extended) and pressed play skipping past the part that I had seen the night before because why suffer through those 20 minutes again.  But, by skipping through it put me at the most scary part which I guess is good because when you watch a movie knowing you’ll be scared the beginning is just terrible waiting for it to go to hell.  

So, again, I sat, knees to my chest, sweatshirt pulled over my hands, blanket at my nose and I watched as a babysitter (WHICH I HAVE BEEN) had probably the worst babysitting experience of her entire life.  I mean just watching her go through all of that makes me not want to deal with that.  

The thing about scary movies is that you always picture yourself as the victim.  I mean my heart races just as fast as that poor girl is running.  Everyone jumps when the character does and it’s very stressful.

The thing about babysitting, is that if someone does break into the house and you make it out alive but the kids are killed, you’re definitely not getting paid.  I mean you have to be SITTING on those kids and take care of them which means you’re responsible for those kids under the age of 13 who’s go- to hiding place is behind a lamp.  

But here I sit, heart racing, self shaking, eyes bulging, with the window now locked,  congratulating myself for making it through someone else’s horrific story.  

I then continued to watch The Call (10/10 recommend) and The Human Centipede 1&2 (10/10 don’t recommend if you get queasy).