All About Me

When I was younger, my teachers would get excited when I was talking too much.  After getting my name put on the chalk board they’d actually reach out to my parents to let them know and my parents would be just as excited.  I’m still the same quiet kid I was throughout elementary school, intermediate school, middle school and high school.  Each year my parents would tell me to raise my hand more, speak up more and just talk in general.  And before college my dad sat on the edge of my bed and said that I didn’t have to be the quiet kid anymore and I could reinvent myself because no one knew who high school Allie was.  He didn’t disapprove of who I am or how I was but was just being a dad and looking out for his kid.

During my first semester of college I started writing for a website called Her Campus.  They have different chapters at a variety of schools around the country and I joined at High Point University when I heard about it through a friend I was on the swim team with.  I quickly began coming up with op-ed ideas to write about each week and during one of the weeks before spring break I wrote a piece about introverts and what it was important to know about them- in a humorous way of course.

My parents supported my writing and most of my views came from their friends after sharing it on their Facebook pages.  A few weeks after the introvert piece was posted I went home and attended an event in our hometown of Lawrenceville and multiple people commented on the article saying that they related to it and said I should keep writing.  Later that week we went to my dad’s girlfriend’s house for dinner and on the way home my sisters said that I didn’t say anything.  Of course I made a few comments but definitely not the amount that everyone else did.  After they said that my dad said, “that’s who Allie is, and I know exactly why”.  He was the first to say that it was okay and I took that as being the first person to understand the way I was.

Now he’s encouraging me from heaven.

After a period of time, I realized that I couldn’t make “talk more” one of my goals because my quietness is who I am and there’s no changing it.  I had to accept it.  So, I replaced that goal with “put myself out there.”  This can be done in a variety of ways and I believe I did it through writing.  I also found that I had to find a group of people who didn’t mind my listening instead of talking.  They had to accept the way that I was, and they did.

And now, I hope to “put myself out there” through my writing on this blog.  Writing is my way to be heard and reach people that I couldn’t with my actual voice.  This writing is on topics through the eyes of someone who simply listens to the world around her and will relay the thoughts to you.  I hope you enjoy.