My Story

All About Me

  • This is not a blog with a theme.
  • There is no overall topic that will be discussed through my posts.
  • A variety of subjects will be posted about, in no specific order, I’ll keep you guessing what will come next.

It’s usually difficult to break a habit.  Whether it’s biting your nails, having to lock and unlock a door a certain amount of times, or shopping, it’s usually far from easy because it’s become something you’ve become accustomed to.

My bad habit, is not talking.  Since I was little, talking and putting myself out there was not something I was very good at.  As I got older, I was expected and expecting myself to grow out of it.  But in middle school, I shut down and went days without saying a word to anyone in my classes, the hallway, and even at lunch.  At home I would talk all the time, almost to a point where my parents thought I was doing fine because of the stories I would tell them.  It was easy for me, but I ended up falling through the cracks in the social scene.  I wasn’t necessarily forgotten, I just wasn’t thought of first and it didn’t even bother me.

I eventually found my place, socially.  I found that I was able to be comfortable and I realized that I had finally found a group who accepted and appreciated my limited input, hilarious one liners, and listening skills.  However, if you ask them now, they’ll still tell you I’m quiet.  I’ve opened up and am nothing like what I was, but I’m still quiet.

After a period of time, I realized that I couldn’t make “talk more” one of my goals because my quietness is who I am and there’s no changing it.  I had to accept it.  So, I replaced that goal with “put myself out there.”  This can be done in a variety of ways and I believe I did it through writing.  I also found that I had to find a group of people who didn’t mind my listening instead of talking.  They had to accept the way that I was, and they did.

And now, I hope to “put myself out there” through my writing on this blog.  Writing is my way to be heard and reach people that I couldn’t with my voice.  This writing is on topics through the eyes of someone who simply listens to the world around her and will relay the thoughts to you.  I hope you enjoy.