NYC Fever

Despite the expensive rent, mobs of people, rare silence and utter chaos, I want to move to New York City.

Each year on Thanksgiving my mom, sisters, and I sit in front of the television and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while silently kicking ourselves for not going yet again.

Years ago, from ages 2- 10, I sat on that parade route wearing snow suits, rain jackets, and sweatshirts with my grandparents, uncle, parents and sisters.  And this year, at 21 years old, I was shown how it’s done.

Apparently, my mother would get up at 5am.  So I got up at 5am.  We had front row seats on the park side of Central Park West and 64th.  Why the park side?  Because the sun rises on that side and it won’t be in your eyes… Never had I known why until we had to fill 5 hours of claiming seats conversing.

Luckily, we went during the coldest Thanksgiving since 1901.  So, all of the coldness during those years that my mom would get up early and save us spots for was quickly made up for.

Eventually, my sisters showed up with cold coffee and cold bagels and got cold themselves as we waited.

The Night Before…

We got in a whole day early to do all of the New York things which was basically everything we did when we were really young.

Our first stop- American Girl.  Apparently they moved!  We walked in circles looking for the red awnings only to find that it had moved from the corner of 5th ave to one of the side streets.  Down grading from it’s 3 floors, we walked through the 2 reminicing and calling BS on some of the outfits of the historical dolls and pointing at what we totally would’ve had on our Christmas lists this year.

Stop two: MoMA.  I wish with all of my wishes that I was a museum person but I am not.  I will put it on the list and suggest it to other people but after a few rooms I’m completely done.  Unfortunately, I live with an art finatic.  My 18- year- old sister, who decided to double major with Art History knew everything and wanted to see everything in the entire place.  We limited her to two floors and the rest of us were still dragging our feet by the end.

Next was dinner at Bella Blu.  Because I do believe in my heart that it is a crime to go to NYC and not eat pizza (as does my family), we relaxed with two pies of margarita pizza.  Nothing could’ve made it better.

From Bella Blu we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar- the most colorful candy bar I’ve ever seen and where we would go every time we were in the city.  We’ve finally learned not to get the giant lollipops (because no one would eat them) and went in to just walk through and recreate a picture.

We then made it to see the balloons being blown up.  Baracades snaked us through the street of Central Park West into a little park where the balloons were being blown up into nets.  As we walked with the park on our left and the buildings on our right we decided that someone in the family has to start making a boat load of money so that we can watch from indoors next year rather than stand in the 12 degree weather.

Ending the night at Sugar Factory, we got s’mores hot chocolate.  The place was surprisingly disappointing.  I’m not really sure why people on Instagram purchase the $28 fish bowls of blue drink but I didn’t really see a point to it- kind of disappointing.  Nevertheless, we went in, I left the $75 dollars worth of LUSH soap we bought on the table and we walked out to rest for the main event the next morning.

My morning started 7 hours later…

On the parade route…

We saw the hotels/ condos/ penthouse apartments with chairs already lined up as we walked to our “normal person” seats.

I started to freeze after 30 minutes.

At around 6am I looked up at the building across the street from us to see an entire floor of the building flick the lights on… Imagine watching the parade floats at Charlie Brown’s eye level.

Of course, we made parade route friends.  They had traveled from South Carolina to check this off of their bucket list and we still can’t really figure out why they would leave their habitat of permanent warmth for the parade… to each their own I guess.

As always, it was a hassle to get the rest of my family (sisters) across the street.  They thought about just running but the image of coffee and bagels flying as the NYPD K-9s tackled them didn’t sit well with us.  Eventually, they were able to cross and immediately started complaining of the cold to the two people who had been sitting there for two and a half hours already.

Eventually, around 9:15 the parade reached our spot and the 15 degree temperature was all worth it.

Between our activities during the trip, running through the sidewalks, looking at the windows and constant movement made me feel like it was the place to be.  If I were to be smart about it, living so close to a Kate Spade store wouldn’t be the best move to me but spending my days walking through the streets of NYC seemed incomparable with anywhere else.

To all of you in NYC, keep it cool and hire me.