As you might’ve heard, you’re reading an article written by one of the newest members of the Zeta Gamma chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma.

When telling people that I was preparing for rush, rushing, or that I accepted my bid, many people had questions as to why I was doing it.  Most were surprised and replied with “I can’t see you in a sorority” or “you have to come out of your shell a little bit.”

I’d like to think that I did pop out of my shell a little and apparently just enough to be wanted by my perfect sorority.  So, the girls of Phi Sigma Sigma, accepted the times that I was quieter during conversations or just didn’t notice.  But, whatever the reason was, although I can’t find many things on the West Chester campus, I found my way HΦMΣΣ.

While I was “speed- dating” my way through all of the sororities, I was constantly asked “Why did you decide to come out and rush?”  My answer was always, “Because I’m a transfer and it’s a great way to meet people and get involved”.  I like to think I channeled a little bit of Stephie when I was answering questions so imagine that coming out of my mouth a little bubblier than you’d expect.  At the end of my answer, though, I didn’t say “Oh and I’m really bad at making friends because I’m so shy.”

I’ll admit, it’s hard to watch new members like me making so many friends already and connecting with what it seems like everyone but me.  I do talk, I do add to conversations, I just have a hard time starting one.

So, at this point, I’m sure “So why on earth did you think that this is a good idea?” is passing through your mind

Well, I’d like to believe with all of my sisters having so many personality types, and so many new people getting to know each other at the same time, I’ll fall into place too.  This will bring out a new side of me and I’m hoping that I will feel comfortable and open in my new HΦMΣΣ.  And I think I will.