It’s been 24 hours with a new President and my favorite line that I heard yesterday was, “What’s his new twitter name going to be?”  Before it was @POTUS however, there’s a new one now and Trump has already been verified.

It’s easy for people to understand that the person who lead us from 2008 is leaving, but I think it’s hard for people to realize, someone, who many feel strongly against, is taking over… Whether we like it or not.

During the running, many memes were created but, personally, I thought the best was the one that read:

Everyone: He won’t win, will he?

*Trump wins

Everyone: He can’t do that, can he?

*Trump does that

Everyone: I hope my district wins The Hunger Games.

It’s been over two months that the US has had to prepare for the day that D.T. would take office and it’s finally happened.  People pictured him being sworn in and the country flying into the sky, flipping over and crashing back down.

Now, do I watch the news?  No.  Did I watch ALL of it yesterday?  Absolutely not.  But what I did see were the people who were against him being the ones raising hell.  And I don’t quite understand why.

The people who were afraid of Trump creating a world of destruction for the country basically started it in the nations capital.  Those Starbucks and Bank of America windows had nothing to do with the election- and if they did, correct me.  Non- trump supporters saw the country going up in flames with him as president and went ahead and lit garbage cans (THE FLAMES) on fire.  No matter how much disagreement there is between the people and the president, there’s no way for him to not be your president, and I personally feel as though it’s time to get over it and end the hashtag #notmypresident.

And remember, this is not coming from a Trump supporter.  We have a sexist, racist pair in the most prestigious seats in the nation and my goodness do I think this will be interesting.  However, another great quote I heard yesterday was that no president does anything that he thinks will be bad for the country.  Obama saw people needed health care and helped them.  He did not go into it saying, “I’m going to make this group of people pay for another group of people’s healthcare.”  It happened as an effect of trying to HELP.  When Osama Bin Laden was killed, he didn’t wake up and say, ”I want to see blood, let’s go kill this guy.”  It was strategically planned to get rid of someone who had done a great amount of harm to the country.

What does this mean?  D.T. absolutely has no desire to make people pay an insane amount of money or for others to lose an insane amount of money or for people to die or be thrown out of the country.  The horrid things that come out of that man’s mouth seems to cover up what he’s been running with for the last year- he wants to make America great again.

Obviously, it’s everyone’s right to believe in different things which is what makes America so great to begin with.  All of the different opinions and everyone’s right to them is what makes us so strong.  So, whereas no one should ever tell you that your country isn’t great, it doesn’t kill you to believe in someone who believes it can be better.

It’s guaranteed that no one will sit in the chair in the oval office lacking passion for the United States.  And it’s obvious to everyone, including Donald himself, that he was not chosen by the people.  Whether you believe the electoral college should be non-existent or not, it’s there and it’s not going anywhere and it gave us our 45th president.  So, this guy sitting in the highest seat in the country, knows the extent of hatred by the people and know that he better kick his own ass to prove that he should be there and that we should’ve voted for him.

Rather than throwing tantrums in the street and crying about who’s running the country, question him and challenge him.  Push him to be the president that everyone wants him to be.  There’s a system that the country runs on (Not Dunkin) to make sure nothing happens without a whole lot of people signing off on it and that’s one of the many reasons the scary things we are picturing for the future will not happen.

Honestly, this guy is so smart that when people were trying to dig up dirt on him before the election, everything they found would have ended up helping him.

So, let him know that his “locker room talk” is not okay and express how things will be beneficial for him and the country.  Nothing he suggests is leaving his mouth through gritted teeth, a sly smile and passing his hands as they rub together.

This insanely successful business man has plans to make us great.  I don’t agree with him adding the word “again” at the end of the slogan but it’s there.  And by the nation sticking together, marching to make the rights of women clear, known and heard, protesting when we don’t believe something should happen, and letting him know that this is a country for the people and he works for us we will be successful.  All we’ve got is a guy sitting in a temp. position working for the entire country.  Nothing will happen without his belief that his actions will make us stronger.

I think it’s time to recognize how great the past eight years were and thank the Obamas for what they’ve done for us.  Nothing wrong is going to come from looking back and smiling on how great you believe it has been.  Many will argue that we have seen a president with great speaking skills, online presence and the want for personal relationships with the people he encounters.  But, if you remember his inauguration day, many people didn’t want him there either and he wowed us.  I think it’s time to make sure Donald Trump knows he’s got big shoes to fill, a lot of people to impress and that he better surprise the hell out of America- but I do believe that his first act as president was playing the country.  And I think we’ll all be surprised out of our minds.

If not, according to my sister’s calendar that counts down the days until he leaves office and there’s only another 1,458.  Hang in there.