You usually wouldn’t notice how much or how little you move in a day.  Before I had a fitbit I wouldn’t even care but getting my screen to light up with fireworks once I’ve hit 10,000 steps is a little win.

However, reaching that number can be more difficult than you think.  Sometime’s walking around the house can get you up to 8,000 but when you work from home and spend the day at a desk you get a whopping 2,000.  How?  I couldn’t tell ya.

My dad worked for a company that allowed him to work from home, as did the rest of the workers who lived around the country.  The CEO decided that they wanted to make sure everyone was actually moving around and sent them all fitbits to start a step competition each week.  Well, sometimes he’d give it to my sister to wear to school or cheer practice and his 2,000 steps from the day before would be upstaged by the 9,000 my sister would get just from walking around school.  However, to get his steps in one day he walked all the way to the ACME which didn’t seem far- 4 minute drive without traffic but walking it took maybe 45 min- 1 hour.  He was surprised to find, once he got home, that he got around 3,000.  

So, how do you ensure that you get your goal number of steps everyday?

1. Morning walk.

No matter how cold it is.  It’s a healthy way to start your day and will definitely empty your stomach before breakfast and is a good energy boost even before your morning coffee.  Plus, by 9:00am you’ll already have about 2,000 steps.

2. Gym

I was amazed at how many steps I was able to get at the gym- by 1:30pm I had already gotten 10,000 by being on the elliptical for 35 minutes.

3. Evening walk

The after dinner stroll will end your day with fresh air and the scenery of either christmas lights or a sunset.  Keep walking around the block until you’ve hit your goal.

4. Get up every time your fitbit tells you too

It’s annoying when the screen says, “Walk xxx steps to win the hour!” or “Let’s go on a walk” but if you do walk each time it tells you to, you’ll definitely reach it.  If you reach the goal before the hour ends or walk more than that it won’t even send you those messages.

5. Walk during your lunch break

The hour or half hour doesn’t need to be filled by just eating or staring at your computer.  It’s the perfect time for a midday walk.

6. Make competitions with your friends

Your fitbit/ apple health app will allow you to “friend” people and see their step count.  

See who can get the most out of your friend group.

7. Invite friends to walk or run with you

Other people will definitely get you moving more than trying to encourage yourself would.  It would make it less boring & definitely enjoyable.  Walking to WAWA, up to main campus, or into town would save you gas and will get you out of the library.

8. Get the last few by walking around the house

When I find myself anywhere in the 9,000s I walk everywhere in the house, sometimes just from wall to wall in my room so that I get all the way up to 10,000.


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