Ready to Work?

A college senior?  Over college?  Why isn’t she failing her classes to stay?  Switching her major to force her to stay for longer?  Could she really want to be kicked off the payroll?  Live by herself?  Become immersed with the horror of the adult world and work?

Well… Yes please.

I’ve never been particularly excited about learning.  Now, I never questioned going to college.  I was looking forward to it since 8th grade and got into every school I wanted.  I had choices and then I had even more when I decided to transfer.

But now, two schools, two minors, four years, one sorority, and two internships later I’m begging you to let me graduate.

The idea of living in an apartment where I don’t have to maneuver dirty dishes in the sink, wait for someone to get their stuff out of the drier or stay up until someone turns their music off is a dream.

Or how about going to work, dressed to the nines, where you aren’t graded?  Now my gpa is fine, don’t worry, but imagine not glaring at your professor after he gives you a C on a paper that you spent six hours on?

A recent situation that I’ve experienced is the canceling of classes.


  1. I love a cancelled class.  Sometimes I even cancel it for myself… whoops.
  2. During my internship this summer I was surprised that I still had to go to work when it was raining 10 inches of water.
  3. I love a cancelled class.

However, at work, you won’t have a test that you studied for for the past week that is cancelled by snow and is now pushed back to the week AFTER THANKSGIVING BREAK.  It just doesn’t happen in the work world.

I want to wake up on a Sunday, grab my reusable shopping bags and head to the grocery store.  Or walk along the river trail.  Or spend a Saturday morning in Starbucks drinking a 5 dollar coffee because I can afford it!

I know what you’re thinking.  “She’s got a big think comin’.”  And maybe I do.  But I am soooo ready for it.

P.S. Hire me.