Speak, Spoke, Spake, Spurvived

I have officially made it through the class that was only created to destroy me.  

Public Speaking (SPK 208) is in the past.

In high school, my favorite English teacher told me I should definitely consider taking the class that they offered.  To which I laughed, replied no, and sat there confidently knowing I’d never have to.

Rather than knowing though, I guess I was really just assuming?  Hoping? Praying? Trying to figure out who to sacrifice if I ever had to get out of it?

Had you told me upon deciding to go to WCU that I would be required to take a Public Speaking Class there’s a very good chance I would have changed my mind about WCU or rethought transferring.  So it was good that I only found out it was a requirement after my deposit was sent in which would require me to pay them no matter what class I took.

So, I marched my way up four floors every Monday to find my professor sitting outside of the classroom.  Each day, when I would get there either thirty or forty minutes early, we would chat about my fears that this class bestowed upon me, other classes, his time at WCU as a student and fainting while presenting (which I never did- wahoo!).

Though he taught the class that tested every limit my body has, he was in fact, not evil.

And on the very last day of class he said that he hoped that everyone, no matter how scared this class made them, saw some sort of growth.

I have to say, I blossomed.  

Not to the point where I’m applying for Ted Talks, looking to give the graduation speech or would even be excited about a presentation in another class.  But the feeling of finishing my final speech was exhilarating. And after each I felt just a little bit better.

I skipped out of class.

On the day of the final, I thanked the professor.  I might even admit that it wasn’t that bad of a class… but spelling out that I liked the class might make some of you try to talk me into taking Advanced Public Speaking which is just not happening.  

No matter how anyone thought I would do, I am proud to say that I, Allie Wengler, have made it through every speech in a public speaking class.  

I am also proud to say that my fitbit did not break from my heart rate getting too high and that my heart actually held it together.  After the first class when my heart rate reached 119 after only reading the syllabus I was not convinced that this class would even be healthy.  But I’m pretty sure you can’t get a doctors note that tells the university that a class jeopardizes your health.


Dad Wengler Quote:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

Yes, it’s a repeat.  Yes, I used it in the first blog post about this class (blog here).  But though I sweat profusely, it was probably a smaller thing than I made it out to be.  For the first speech I was holding and describing the hawaiian shirt square (blog here) and for the rest I was wearing a sweater from his collection.  He was with me. And I survived.