It’s inevitable that a t-shirt will sneak its way into your weekly outfit rotation whether you promised you wouldn’t or not.  They’re just comfortable and easy and go with any pants, shorts and [those special] skirts in your drawers.  However, no one wants to see your high school track team t- shirt, the one you decorated when your soccer team made the state tournament or the one from your club swim teams from 2012 that miraculously still fit you.  In fact, you can leave those home if you think you’ll feel the need to wear them at any time other than to bed.  So, to make sure you aren’t “that kid” that models every t-shirt from the school apparel selection or that you don’t show off sorority shirts every day (we know you can with all of the bid day, date party and Greek week shirts), here’s a list of seven t-shirt brands to proudly and casually wear around campus:

1. Vineyard vines

2. Simply southern

3. Ivory Ella

4. Paws

5. Lakeside Cotton

7. Patagonia

8. Country Club Prep