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Allie In Wonderland

I have finally done it. After four years wishing it was over, I am two months out from graduation. More importantly, however, I am five months away from moving to the most magical place on earth, practically even bunking with Cinderella herself. I am working for Disney World. Perhaps the most exciting part is that […]

Ready to Work?

A college senior?  Over college?  Why isn’t she failing her classes to stay?  Switching her major to force her to stay for longer?  Could she really want to be kicked off the payroll?  Live by herself?  Become immersed with the horror of the adult world and work? Well… Yes please. I’ve never been particularly excited […]

My First Square

Last night, after my last shift at Rita’s, I realized that the only reason I wanted to go back to school was for a little extra quiet time and not hearing “Oh look at that, you’re on your phone” every single time I go near my phone.  Other than that, I think I could’ve stuck […]

Hands Touching Hands

You know how when you hold someone’s hand and they rub their thumb on yours or open your hand in their lap and individually touch every part of your fingers and palm and back of your hand?  Imagine if you’re sitting there on the first date holding hands and your date asks if you know […]