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Running to the Castle

t-shirt medal 13.1 car sticker Those three things drew me towards this race. BIG OOPS. It’s not a death wish although I’m sure it’ll feel like it. During my high school days, the excessive swimming kept me in good shape. So going out to run 5 or 6 miles didn’t affect me. I’d bounce back […]

Allie In Wonderland

I have finally done it. After four years wishing it was over, I am two months out from graduation. More importantly, however, I am five months away from moving to the most magical place on earth, practically even bunking with Cinderella herself. I am working for Disney World. Perhaps the most exciting part is that […]


I have finally done it. I replaced the picture with 228 likes, 62 comments, and the face of my favorite person after a year and a half. Facebook was so worried about me changing my profile picture that I got a number of notifications telling me to. But I could never do it. What picture […]