My study time in the library ends at promptly 7:25 in order to get back to my apartment, shower and make dinner before I turn on the television to watch, along with the rest of the world, who Nick Vigil will send home this week.  The Bachelor, attracts people of all ages and if you frown upon someone watching it with their 10- year- old it’s probably just to make sure the 10- year- old understands that the show is not a way to find love (and probably give her a laugh too).

Until week 5, I was hoping anyone but Corrine would be the one that Nick chooses at the end off this season.  She slept through the rose ceremony, is at the top of the other girl’s hit lists and she somehow got a castle bouncy house to show up in the mansion drive way.  Seems a little weird.  However, every viewer loves to watch and loves to hate her.

I did find myself cheering for her on her 2- on- 1 with Nick and Taylor.  Why, I have no idea.  But having Taylor stay and Corrine go was not going to work for me.  And I think everyone has to agree.  In reality, we all need our Corrine Fix, especially on a Monday.

To be completely honest, everyone naps at many inappropriate times, no one wants to go on a date and shovel animal poop, and if we were all in high school fighting for the same boy, you better bet girls would be “stealing” time away from the other girls too.  We all have our inner Corrine.  Even more so, how cool would it be to be her?

Looking at the facts, we’d have our own nanny, our bed would be made, our cucumbers would be sliced and we’d be working at a million- dollar company.  I mean, during her hometown date, they went shopping and she didn’t even check the prices of the clothes she was buying.  When they made it to the cash register she didn’t even flinch when it all rang up to $3,000.  I flinch when my total is over $20.  Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound too bad for a twenty- four- year- old.  We’re all searching for stability, and she’s pretty set.  Most of us are just hoping to get a job right out of college and know that it won’t even be possible for everyone.

The weirdest part of all of us viewers?  We have never wanted to meet a nanny more… probably why we’ve been secretly cheering for her to make it to hometowns.  I mean Raquel, bless your soul.  After the endless tweets about her “cheese pasta”, and people realizing that his poor woman probably has to take care of Corrine’s platinum vagine, we sympathize, and want nothing more than to see why in the world she has the job she does.

So, no one sees her making it to the end but you have to admit, she keeps it interesting.  There’s no way people would continue to watch if she was eliminated weeks ago because Nick seems to have his own agenda and as the girls describe him, he’s completely unpredictable.  But, she’s here, we love to hate her and we get at least one more week of her because it seems to me that she’s headed to the fantasy suite.