The Bachelor Inspired: Thing’s Every 20- Year- Old Should Know

It’s week three, going on week four, of this season’s The Bachelor and the ladies found out some interesting information about one of their fellow house members.

There’s no question that Corrine is the one to watch- the new Olivia, if you will.

Olivia: (N) The craziest girl from Ben Higgin’s season of The Bachelor.  Target on her back- not liked by the other girls, or the audience, probably not Chris Harrison either.  Last seen on an island when one of the twins (who knows which one?) beat her on a two- on- one.

So, as mentioned, Corrine is our Olivia.  She must be the center of attention at all times and seems stressed when she’s not.  She interrupts other girls time with Nick when she’s already talked to him not once, but twice already.  She got jealous when, during a group date photo shoot, someone was asked to wear something more revealing than her- so naturally she had to take off her top and went on to say that even though she was naked, her father would be proud… Okay.  And let’s not forget…  SHE SLEPT THROUGH A ROSE CEREMONY!!!!????

However, none of those is the craziest “fun- fact” about her.  It’s the fact that this, arguably gorgeous, girl is 24, works for a million- dollar company (breathe, it’s her dads), and has a nanny.

Read it again, I said it, this girl has a nanny- not to be confused with a assistant, N- A- N- N- Y.  On this week’s episode she told us all about what this nanny does for her- makes her bed, makes breakfast, lunch and dinner, does her laundry and basically waits on her.

Those are basic nanny jobs, I must say.  How do I know this?  I was a nanny over the summer.  For a 7 and 12- year- old.

So, I must ask the question, how is this girl with a NANNY, ready for the commitment of a relationship with Nick, a 36- year- old guy?  I mean she takes random naps and has a pink and purple bouncy castle delivered to the house for just her and Nick.  I mean, honestly…

I’m not saying that 20- year- olds who ask their mom to do their laundry coming home from college or sit down to a family dinner that their dad made are crazy.  It’s pretty normal.  But, here are a few things we should be able to do ourselves.

  1. Make our own beds
  2. Get ourselves a drink
  3. Create and consume a healthy snack
  4. Sweep the floors or clean up
  5. Do laundry without flooding the laundry room
  6. Clear our dishes

So Corrine, learn from the rest.  I’m pretty sure Nick wants to live with his wife rather than her and her nanny… I mean, it’d be kind of weird if you AND your child had one.