College is supposed to be four of the best years of your life and people either don’t want to waste it with the same person or want one person to be by their side throughout it all.  College relationships can easily be looked at as an inconvenience and are many times avoided.  Instead, the idea of casual dating or “friends with benefits” is more appealing due to the lack of commitment required.  But for the “relationship type” of people, we want one person to spoil, one to put all the effort towards and one that our eyes will stay on.  And when you find that one person, ask most and they’ll tell you it’s pretty special- a special person, a special relationship and a special place that you create with them making you both feel like you are able to be yourselves.

Sometimes distance gets put between both people.  All of a sudden a certain amount of roads or highways or town lines or state lines will separate one person from the other and the worth and importance of the perfect relationship you’ve created is questioned.  And thinking that through is the first perfect part of the long distance relationship.

There’s no reason to keep a relationship going if neither side sees a future.  Obviously a future can be anything and when taking about it while in college it usually isn’t “will I marry this person”?  But it’s when you notice that you can’t say goodbye or picture yourself without them and when they say it back, you know it’ll be worth it.  Together, realizing that there is a reason to keep dating and not being able to come up with an exceptional answer or good enough reason to break up can be beautiful.

Whether you see the person every few weeks or every few months, the distance can be beneficial for the relationship.  You’ve already found, by your definition, the perfect person and if they are the perfect person they understand that the space is separating you for a reason.  Whether it’s school, work, family etc., it’s new. Any reason needs adapting to so by not having the comfort of your S.O. you must make your own decisions, your own friends, find ways to keep you occupied and explore.  If your S.O. was with you, how many people would you meet?  How many places would you see?  And how many times would you skip a party or dinner with new friends to stay in with the comfort of “your person”.  You have the opportunities to focus on different things and then be able to share and show your partner and let them see how happy you are while making sure not to make them think you’re happier without them.

Being towns or states away adds excitement that other couples, that aren’t long distance, don’t get to experience. After weeks or months using nothing but texts and Snapchats and FaceTime calls to communicate having your person right in front of you makes you appreciate the dates that you can go on, the movies you get to watch together and the few hours you get to spend with them, so much more.