The City Dream

There’s no way for the place that shows us how a maid can live the life of a millionaire not make us believe it can do the same for anyone else.  It shows how you can cross everything off your New Years resolution list on December 31st and even how the geeky writer can fit in with New York’s elites.  And of course how to fall in love with someone or how to be single is something that everybody seems to learn within the walls created by buildings keeping the magic of the city inside.

All of the movies placed in New York shows the viewers what their lives could be like if they lived there too.  More love, more opportunities and more parties happen in the NYC movies than anywhere else.  It’s the home of the biggest New Years parties, the most expensive apartments and the most famous people.

It’s portrayed as the place to be to follow your dreams.  With endless possibilities in the 262 blocks that make up the city it seems impossible to be let down.  It acts like the answers to our desires needs.  There are new people on every street and avenue waiting to meet the person to enthrall with their skills or connections promising success.

Let’s face it, I’d happily switch lives with Serena Vanderwoodsen, Chuck Bass and even Dan Humphreys.  In fact, smush together the wardrobe of Serena, the back account of Chuck and the writing passion of Dan and well, you’ve met the Allie Wengler the current Allie Wengler wants to be.

The most fabulous businesses have sprouted out of the NY concrete making the jungle we walk through.  Each challenged the creator to invent a different idea than the last.  It’s pretty amazing to think about everything that happens there and know it’s nothing like everything that surrounds it.  One Broadway, one Madison Square Garden, one Webster’s Hall, one glass cube enclosing the entire Apple collection and one Plaza Hotel.  And thinking about each different one makes us “normal people” think that there’s room for us too.

Even without the creative craving, let’s talk about our stomach cravings for a hot sec.  Excluding the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, meaning in Manhattan only, there are 24,000 restaurants.  It’ll take you 65 years to eat at every single one of them if you eat at one every single day.  I’ve got to live until 86 if I start tomorrow which means I’ll have to double up in the future and shoot for 97- years- old.

Until my days comes to live, work, survive, and enjoy the city, I’ll be living through The Devil Wears Prada, Maid in Manhattan, How to be single, Elf, How to lose a guy in 10 Days, Uptown girls, 27 Dresses and New Years Eve.