Is Netflix interrupting college or is college interrupting Netflix?

Users spend 10 billion hours a month watching Netflix.

Before every school year, I become more motivated to do better than I did the year before.  I tell myself I’ll study more, do my homework earlier, get more sleep, and improve my social life.  When I was working up this motivation before starting college, I made all of these my goals.  I would be a better and revised version of myself, and be who I wanted or felt I couldn’t be in high school.

61% of users binge- watch a show every few weeks.

This all fell to pieces very quickly.  These goals crashed into a wall, drowned in the ocean, got attacked by a tiger, all because I became obsessed with the “unkindness of ravens” …

A single prescriber watches an average of 1.8 hours per day.

During the first few weeks of school, however, these goals were avoiding those walls, were staying afloat, and knew how to befriend the tigers.  Of course until my wonderful roommate suggested some Netflix; specifically One Tree Hill.

79% of U.S. millennials use Netflix.

At first, I said there was no time.  I had homework, I had tests, and abundance of papers, and, of course, my goals.  But, the workload was light in the beginning.  I had more free time than I knew what to do with.  There weren’t six classes a day to keep up with, swim practice to drive to or schools to apply to.  I had time, a computer, lack of parental instructions, and those parents Netflix password.

63% of users are “extremely satisfied” or very satisfied with the service.

Some would say it became a problem- unless you’re in college because apparently everyone has their show that comes before anything else, which includes sleeping at 2am.  It let my roommate and I bond over the “What episode are you on?” conversations or “Why did ‘x’ happen”.  The texts made her run down the hall, bursting into the room and saying “I KNOW RIGHT” then going back to where she was.  She would then tell the rest of the hall I had just gotten to a huge part of the series and would get the response of “SEASON 3 EPISODE 16?”

Netflix does five things for students:

  1. Creates a distraction (good or bad) from the other things going on (i.e. stress)
  2. Develops a bond between new friends- something you can all do together
  3. Makes it easy to find movies that you are required to watch for classes
  4. When it’s raining and no one wants to go out (or no reason people don’t want to go out) it’s a great way to find a movie for the whole hall to watch together
  5. Saves money- with $7.75 per month you can easily get through an entire season of a show you’ve been wanting to watch whereas buying the DVDs could cost up to $20 for just one season.

There are 31 million subscribers in the U.S.

CAUTION: As I was making my way through different series, I would tell my other friends to start watching too.  This I highly recommend.  Getting your friends, sisters, boyfriends, grandparents (they love knowing which shows you’re into to so that they can watch too and have more reasons to call you) into the shows gives you one more way to connect with them.  I told those groups of people and took it to a whole other level.  I told my mother.  I told her, the holder of the Netflix password, that I was watching these shows and am currently locked out of the family Netflix account because “If you think you have time for Netflix, you have time to study.”   Be careful.