For some reason, I feel the need to share the money I’ve earned.  It doesn’t go to anyone important like Kate, Lilly, or Michael but instead people who promote being 21 forever, a girl named Francesca, Victoria who has a very strange secret, and two people who go by the first letter of their names- H and M.  In return for cash, these people give me a wardrobe.  Not exactly one like The Lion, The witch and The, but rather the things inside it- not fur coats either.  Anyways, by the end of my trips visiting these people, my bank accounts are crying and starting begging for the next check to come in and I walk out with bags on my arms, a smile on my face and my debit card tucked into my wallet awaiting the next excursion.

You know those memes on Facebook of the girl standing in the middle of her bedroom with piles of clothes surrounding her and she’s saying that she has nothing to wear?  Come find me to meet her in real life.  If you’ve seen my closet and bank account, you can probably guess that I have a little bit of a shopping problem.  I have a lot of tastes and expensive ones, so I usually find something on a higher- end website and see if Forever 21 has something just like it for a half or third of the other price.  However, although I have a closet overflowing with different dresses and skirts and tops, I wear about six different outfits each week, especially during the winter, consisting of:

Leggings, sweatshirt, and big socks.

Ask me about jeans and I’ll tell you that you wouldn’t catch me dead in them.  When I put them on, I immediately start waiting for the moment I can take them off, throw on shorts and bend my knees again.  The “in” look, is skinny jeans, and I personally don’t like the look of boyfriend jeans on myself so those tight, constricting pants are my go- to for when I have to look semi- acceptable.  I have that one pair of jeans, that everyone has, that are THE pair that get the most use out of, which, I have to say, never get anything bad said about them.  Unless it’s coming from me and the comment is regarding how comfortable they are.  So, once Mother Nature decides it’s no longer summer anymore, it’s leggings time.  Grey, blue, purple and all four pairs of black rotate throughout the week so that I can sit in class or Starbucks or fall right into bed and be able to move my legs comfortably without worrying about how I just need a little more space under the table in order to do so.  So, the bottom half of me looks like this: leggings, a pair of patterned crew styled socks pulled over them and converse (high and low tops).

For as horrible as biology is, try it out while wearing jeans one day, then leggings another and tell me which day was better.

You’ll also never see me in anything that isn’t a long sleeved t- shirt or a sweatshirt, both of which are usually oversized and I am swimming in.  Sweatshirts are warm (key) and even if I plan my outfit the night before, it always seems like way too much effort to put on a nice top and cardigan that would be categorized as “socially acceptable”.

Luckily, my look is “socially acceptable” because everyone in college, wears this outfit at least once a week… I just like to show how much I reeeeeally love it.

Do I wish I could have the motivation to look nice?  Absolutely!  Would it be great to put in the level of effort high school Carrie Bradshaw does?  No doubt about it.  But, it’s not happening.  Dress for yourself ladies.  If guys can kill us with the grey sweatpants, we should be able to kill them with ours too.