My URL was in our procession long before it was officially created.  It was discussed during my first trip home, purchased during my second, forgotten about during the third, was at the bottom of the to- do list during the fourth, and was finally given a few hours, thanks to my wonderful mother, during my fifth, spring break.  And thus, it was brought to life.  This process, however, was not easy, and there were a number of thoughts that made their way through my mind as I was creating:

1. What’s the lowest price I can pay to have someone else do this all?  What’s the lowest price I can pay someone to take care of this for me?  Believe it or not, creating a website is a process and a half.  It’s easy to envision it all in your mind but actually getting it on your screen through the computer is much harder than you might think.  There are tons of different design features and tons of different ways to make it all work the way you want it too, and you must go through them all to know how to make it the way you want.  There are people who do this for you, professionally, well, and exactly how you want it.  Mine?  All me.

2. Widgets, widgets, widgets.These are the icons that will lead right to your social media accounts in order for people to connect to you.  However, why would it be easy to add these?  Some don’t sync correctly with your theme, they aren’t all straight, and might not have all of the accounts you want people to connect with you to.  So increasing your Instagram following just might not happen if it doesn’t provide an icon.

3. How does one look through 3,000 themes and then choose one?The theme is the basic layout of pictures and text on your screen.  There are an abundance of themes with different layouts, designs and colors.  Some allow you to change the color, others do not.  People are judging your website by it’s front page.  It should be able to draw people in and keep them there.  There are so many options and one has to satisfy you and the site visitors.  Is that possible?

4. How do I get this color here, and that one there?There are many different elements that are able to be made a different color.  The widgets, the heading, the background, the bottom of the page, the text here, the text there are all able to be any color of the rainbow.  However, there’s only one way to change each one.  I clicked on what I was changing and moved the cursor around the color pallet to find out what exactly I was changing until I got it just how I wanted.  It was a process, but it works.

5. There’s no color. I can’t add color?  I guess I’m picking a new theme.After I had gone through a handful of themes until I found one I liked I tried to add color.  I quickly found out that some themes are able to change color, others are not.  So once again I went on the quest to find a new one.

6. Really, can someone else do this for me?Please?

7. I’ll just keep it as is.Once something had worked slightly towards what I was trying to do, I kept it.  There are always things you can change later and if you win a small battle, sometimes it feels like a big one.

8. Why doesn’t this line up?  There’s a way.  You just have to find it.  It won’t be easy but the solution is there.  I found that I didn’t have the right theme for the type of widget I was using but eventually I realized that.  Notice my perfectly aligned Facebook, Pinterest, Email and Twitter icons.

9. Cross your fingers this works.Like I said, it’s those little battles.  There are also the big ones, like getting it exactly how you want it.  It might take the right click and a little bit of magic, but it will work.

10.I now have my own website.

In the end, it’s all worth it.  You finally have a way to express yourself through your writing and a way to share it with the world.

Happy Writing.