Valentines’ Day 2017 Play- by- Play

Woke up at 9

Got scared because I was late

Wasn’t actually late

Realized I wasn’t late

Fell back asleep

Woke up at 9:45, fell back asleep

Woke up and realized I was actually late

Threw on leggings from day  before

Put on grey sweatshirt and grey converse

Realize I look like a dark cloud

Almost miss shuttle

Get on shuttle

Get’s to campus 10 minutes before class starts

Professor was getting evaluated

Professor all of a sudden made a power point and put us in groups for said evaluate-r

Funny how that works

Professor called on me out of the blue

I mentally explain why it’s not a good idea to call on me

Walks to next class

Professor stutters for an hour and fifteen minutes

Walks to next class behind someone smoking

Pretends to pass out to make them feel bad


Gets to next class

Professor doesn’t teach

Walks ALL THE WAY to the student center for composite picture

Friend walking out says she looks like a potato in hers

Picture taker asks to fix my hair

He says he doesn’t want a PR problem

Picture taker asks if my necklace is a keg

I turn out looking like a burnt bloochy potato trying not to laugh

I decide next year my composite picture will be a selfie

Gets Starbucks

Starbucks oven is broken

Eats a cold panini

Who’s ever heard of a cold panini

Word doesn’t recognize panini as a word

Goes to library

Doesn’t do any work

Walks to next class

Got stuck with a short chair

Sits through class with my knees in my chest

Gets on shuttle

Picks up mail from Grandpa

Picks up two packages

Grandpa sends money and a card

Chegg sends me two textbooks

Amazon sends two fun books

Decides Grandpa is my Valentine

Get’s into room

Collapses in bed

Sends present to boyfriend

Boyfriend’s headphones are broken and can’t watch the present

Watches Netflix while he finishes his homework rather than get new headphones

Can’t decide on picture to post for Valentines’ Day

Goes and gets roommate because she locked herself out of the building

Makes pasta

Forgets to make chicken

Makes chicken

Pasta is now cold

Doesn’t use enough sauce

Doesn’t want to get up to get more sauce

Eats cold, sauce- lacking pasta

Watches 3 hours of Netflix

Facetimes boyfriend

Keeps FaceTiming boyfriend

Hangs up FaceTime

Keeps watching Netflix

Aaaaand Scene