Ah Pinterest.  You show us how to decorate our mason jars, how to stuff an entire salad into mason jars, and that flower arrangements in mason jars are only complete if you tie a bow of burlap around them.  

The cakes we try to recreate from you become blobs, the DIYs get thrown away and 43 year old women with a husband and four kids has 6 different ways that she should’ve decorated her wedding all those years ago…  The husband resents you because he’s imagining his future self renewing his vows six more times just so his wife can have the outside wedding, beach wedding, barn wedding, country club wedding, Hawaii wedding, and woodsy wedding.  He’s currently working with the rest of his friends to find ways to block the gender reveals from their wives feed because the couples have already cut open a cake to see pink, cracked open a baseball to see blue, and popped balloons filled with confetti.  If you noticed that balloons was plural it’s because they had twins- two balloons exploded with pink confetti.  

For those of us in college, we have all of those same things pinned.  We just don’t have a worrying husband yet.  

Pinterest, you show us wedding ideas, yoga poses, journaling techniques, and 8 minute 32 second exercises for those of us who only have 8 minutes and 35 seconds to workout each day.  

However, my largest board, made up of 1,236 pins is my “Dream Closet” board.  You’ll find dress ensembles, a jean skirt for every occasion, six outfits to wear with duck boots, shorts that could only total over $5,000 and tops that must have been deleted from every other website on the internet because I am completely unable to find them anywhere.

This board would have me dressed to the fashionable 9s everyday of the week, 365 days of the year and no longer would I be wearing sweatpants every Friday because I used up all of my leggings from the last time I did laundry.  I wouldn’t have to do laundry for months.

However, as a college student it’s safe to assume I have no way of funding this extreme makeover.  But I found a way to accomplish the look of a casual Blair Waldorf with an idea I’m still surprised I came up with.

Here are the steps:

Search women’s fashion

  1. Only pin outfits you can make with what you have in your closet.

Those shirts in the back that you don’t know what to do with?  Search “purple plaid shirt outfits” and you’ll get an array of options.  The shoes everyone had that you ordered but you can’t seem to style?  Search “grey ankle boot outfits”.  Want a jean skirt but instead have 8 pairs of jeans?  Pull out the pair that you know you’ll never wear (we all have them) and search “jean skirt DIY”.  

You might be thinking, “I’ve already thought of every outfit imaginable using what I own”.  


Pinterest was built to “inspire” but it tortures the users instead by showing us everything we think we need.  You’ve got it all.  Beat the website and use it against itself.