I’ve lived in a bunch of different places. It’s always my fun fact during ice breakers and I enjoy that I’ve gotten to experience some different places up close. I’m currently in Orlando, FL diving into the design industry doing what I love- Marketing. When I’m not working, which is rare, I find myself in Disney Springs, downtown Orlando, Mount Dora, and anywhere else that makes me feel like I’m not living in Cinderella’s castle. Florida has an interesting reputation- people just think it’s absolute chaos down here. However, I love finding small towns, city-like streets, and different ventures. My lovely family is still residing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (how they stay in the snow is beyond me).

I always try to surprise myself. I somehow graduated college, moved out of state, ran a half marathon, got a job at Disney, and continue to see what I can possibly do next. Keep following to see what happens through my blog. I’ll be just as surprised as you sometimes.

Facebook: Allie Wengler
Instagram: @allie.wengler
Twitter: @allie_wengler


By Day

I have a great job as a marketing assistant for a home staging company in Orlando. I’m building websites, updating social media, looking at gorgeous homes, and, oddly enough, painting most of the time.

By Night

Checking my own social accounts, learning TikTok dances, looking for new, good restaurants, taking pictures of my roommate’s dog, scootering around downtown Orlando, and online shopping (oops).

For you

Marketing! I’m currently working freelance and love taking on any new projects. Details are in another tab labeled SPARK. Let me know how you want to build your presence in your industry-I’d love to work with you!