Allie In Wonderland

I have finally done it. After four years wishing it was over, I am two months out from graduation. More importantly, however, I am five months away from moving to the most magical place on earth, practically even bunking with Cinderella herself. I am working for Disney World.

Perhaps the most exciting part is that I will be gauranteed warmth for 4 months. It might not be that big of a deal for some but today we are three days away from spring and I’m freezing. It is 32 degrees and I’m over it. As I have never survived the month of December without it, it must take true magic to not have to consider wearing my winter jacket.

Anyways, the other exciting part is that I have accepted a position at what is considered a prestigeous internship with the Walt Disney Company. During my 4 months I will earn my ears and have a very cool experience to add to my resume.

I had considered the Disney College Program my backup plan for about a year now. If I truly could not find someone who wanted to hire me I would go to Disney. Sounded like a great plan to me. As I mentioned it to people, all I heard was that it should be my plan A.

About 2 weeks ago I realized I was a week away from graduation being 2 months away and I panicked. I didn’t look anything up except for the application and within 5 minutes of sending in my application I received an email asking me to take the Web Based Interview. Basically multiple choice questions that made sure I wasn’t going to hole- up in my room for four months.

Five minutes after that submission I was asked to schedule my phone interview. This was the real deal. At this point I started doing my research on how to ace the application process which I probably should have done first. People were telling me to smile because people can hear a smile; I was told to wear ears (I didn’t- they hurt my head and I can only put up with them while actually in Disney World); and I was told to not read from a script.

Now I am a planner. In 5th grade when we would do popcorn reading, I was always reading ahead to make sure the section I was volunteering for had words that I wouldn’t have to sound out and so that it wasn’t a surprise. In my college classes, I write full answers to the next day’s discussion questions so that I don’t miss what I’m going to say. So this whole “make your answers seem spontaneous” thing was not going to work for me.

I found about 30 questions common to be asked during the interview and wrote out my answers. It definitely helped (and apparently worked). I took my normal, bored, and tired college self, gave her a smile and moved my voice up an octive to wow my interviewer and I succeeded. Within 5 days (which includes the weekend) I was in. Disney sent me an offer letter with my job (QSFB- please let me sell the Mickey head ice cream pops!) and told me I had 2 days to accept.

I did this all the week before spring break which was going to be my time to get my resume and cover letter in order to start applying for full time gigs. So, I accepted about 6 hours after receiving the offer.

Even though everyone kept saying I should go (or “YOU’RE GOING”), I was a little hesitant. Florida is far and I ended up at a college an hour from home. Within hours my parental unit was looking up any resorts with open rooms during Thanksgiving and Christmas (I cannot come home & I get an extra large discount on rates). Plus, these people are constantly down there- they hate the cold more than I do.

Now, my mom is still deathly afraid of going to Disney with me. About a month ago we went down for the cheerleading mayhem at the ESPN center and avoided the competition as much as possible which means we fit in every single ride I wanted to do at each of the parks. We did 3 parks in two days and on our final day spent 13 hours in the magic kingdom. From rope drop to fireworks I had her on lines for a ton of rides, we did the behind the scenes tour, and afterwards she didn’t talk to me for about two weeks because she thought we had spent too much time together. However, she did agree to come spend the time in Florida outside of the parks (I don’t think she realized I have four months to get it all out of my system rather than 3 days).

Currently, I’m looking for a summer internship, hopefully in my area. Any marketing or merchandising positions are in the game and of course, the most exciting part- I kick off my summer with graduation.

I would argue that I’ve had senioritis since freshman year, but if I didn’t, I do now.