Is TikTok Right For Your Business?

The biggest question right now…

You’re probably thinking about how your business could survive being on the same platform that millennials post content about new dances, target runs, home DIY’s, and must have Starbucks drinks.

Could a lawyer’s office compete with dog videos?  Could real estate agents compete with thrift store finds?

A few weeks ago, I dug my dad’s old iPad out to see if it would still work- we’re talking the first generation here.  Because of its age, I was surprised when it turned on but was quickly disappointed when it wouldn’t let me download almost every app I wanted.  No Netflix, Instagram, Procreate, anything really.  The only two I got were Facebook, and oddly enough TikTok.  

When I opened TikTok I didn’t log into my account and, instead, went straight to videos.  A whole bunch of random topics started playing which were nothing like the feed I see on my phone.  

Here’s the thing… your feed is customized to you and there are so many “TikTok” worlds to be apart of and the iPad didn’t yet know what I was interested in.

There’s doctor TikTok, DIY TikTok, horse girl TikTok, fashion TikTok, New York TikTok, etc.

The moral of the story, everyone sees different content specialized to their interest.  I’m currently seeing a lot of dances, target runs, and home DIYs.  However, a couple of weeks ago I was seeing a lot of dog videos, family challenges, and don’t even get me started on teacher TikTok that I was stuck in for a while (I think everyone went to Target to decorate their classrooms…).

Your business will quickly fit in with an audience and get views automatically with the right hashtags and content.  

The most important thing when keeping up with social media trends is to always try to break into the new platform.  All you have to do is customize it to your business and dive right in.

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